Saturday, March 5, 2011

View From the Driver's Seat

Yes, these pictures were taken in a parking lot. Yes, I put the camera on the driver's seat and used my little remote to take them. Why the bizarre location? I have no tripod, and I took these the day after my husband left for deployment. Looking back, I'm honestly shocked that I thought of my outfit pictures when I left for work that morning. So anyway, brace yourself. The result is some kinda weird pictures.

Sweater: NY&Co. Button-up: Ann Taylor Loft. Scarf: "India Store" in England. Trouser pants: Ann Taylor Loft.

I can't remember where I got either these shoes or socks, but I wanted to show them off. Happy, eh?

Sorry that this is basically a non-post. I am feeling completely incapable of creativity this weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Camera on the car seat technique! I've got to try that, because I actually love these photos. Especially the first two. Kind of candid-chic!