Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It Takes Two, Baby . . .

To get this 30 for 30 done!

Outfit #28:

Still figuring out how to pose in the new living room . . . low expectations will be appreciated.

Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft. Cable Sweater: Gap. Dress as skirt: Alex Evenings. Heels: Bandolino.

There it is! I knew I would find the light eventually on that sunny, sunny day when I took these. I was completely thrilled with the way this outfit came out. I mean, it's an outfit completely in three colors and I got to wear my lovely dress as a skirt again, which I love . . . but I really like the way it looks! It might just be all about that cardigan. That color of purple just makes me want to leap for joy! (Which I did in some of the shots. That reeeeally doesn't look as good on the outside as it feels on the inside.)

Outfit #29:

(Warning: do NOT try to adjust your contacts, your eyes are not the problem. I am NOT in focus in these pictures.) Why, you ask? My camera was set on manual-focus mode from a strange project the day before I took these pictures. It wasn't until I loaded them onto the computer that I realized they were all blurry . . . so stop looking before the blurriness gives you a headache, and enjoy the extra-focused detail shots of my back wall's artwork! Hah.

Scarf: Target (gift). Cable Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft. Belt: Husband's. Jeans: Old Navy.

I am thinking it's time to give up on my hopes of becoming a pro photographer. Between the 100% blurriness of the subject of these pictures and the fact that not even one pose from the day caught my shoes (so I have no idea. Sorry.), that dream is dead.

Okay, it was never my dream. Also, it might be easier to do this right if I were standing behind the camera and took a chance to look at the pictures before shutting it off. Hindsight, eh?

If I can bring myself to it in an hour, I might post the last post. Huzzah! Then you will get to see the . . . interesting outfits I find myself in since the 30 ended! Maybe I'll reflect on all this before the next challenge. Maybe.

I added a couple of accessories this morning so I would be more appropriately dressed, color-wise, for Fat Tuesday. Purple, green, gold:

Yes, I took this in the kindergarten classroom where I was subbing while they were in PE. Don't judge, please.
Happy Mardi Gras, all!

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