Tuesday, March 8, 2011

From End to End

I have a full idea-to-actualization craft post for you! I was thinking about curtains for my kitchen window, remember what it looks like bare . . .

Right. Okay, it needed something. So I started Google Image-searching for ideas for diy blinds and came upon Making it Lovely and this lovely (and very very easy!) idea for a very sweet window treatment. Inspiration:

Um, how inspired are you by that? I loved the idea and had to try it out! So on a recent trip to Hancock, not even looking at the upholstery fabric until I realized it was ALL 50% off, I spotted this great fabric:

I love it! So I cut it up and added the backing and put it on the curtain rod-thing and tied it up with little bows. Check out the next post for the finishing pictures.

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