Monday, March 14, 2011

Teacher Marks Our Height Against the Wall

The day I wore this outfit, I taught kindergarteners, and it felt perfect for that day. Like, if I were to pick out a costume for that exact profession, this would be it.


WHOA crazy-eyes!



Blazer: Thrifted Banana Republic. Turtleneck: Old Navy. Flower: NY&Co. Cords: Ann Taylor Loft. Socks: gift - Aeropostale? Shoes: Thrifted Chinese Laundry.


So the shoes and the little bag are two of my favorite new pieces from my favorite thrift shop (remember the polka dot shirt?) and I'm THRILLED to have them. I recently discovered that I love Mary Janes, so I was delighted to find a really quality pair of them, and the little purse is just great. It helps me quickly move from my backpack to my purse every day, and is SO CUTE! I love the tapestry look on the front. I also love that it was a dollar.

I have had some issues with dressing myself since the 30 has ended, but I think this was one of my most successful outfits.

Anyway, I promise I did NOT mark children's heights on the wall of the classroom where I subbed. I just love that White Stripes song.
: P

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  1. I would be staring at your socks enviously all day if I were in your class. I love fun socks that peek out from an outfit and say, "I'm a fun person!"