Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trumpet Fanfare

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make:

We have a decision!!

I know, it hardly seems possible, but it is true! Here is a rundown of voting (because I found it quite amusing how evenly it was split):

1. Jute rug with Terra Cotta-colred border = Three votes
2. Natural colored rug with concentric rectangles in brown = Five votes
3. Colorful, ethnic-print rug - Two votes
4. Pretty neutral stripe Pottery Barn rug = Three votes
5. Large-print floral rug = Three votes

So I should definitely respond to each of you individually on your blogs (rather than here - sheesh, how self-centered of me! Goodness.) but for a dozen reasons, I am exhausted and really just don't have time for all of that. So I will do so on here.

Several of you suggested one of the more neutral pieces, and I want you to let you know that I really appreciate your counsel - I need your kind of vision to help balance my sometimes.

Dot: I'm anticipated that there will be heavy wear and tear, so I only looked at rugs that were intended to go outside . . . fear not, I was concerned about the very same thing.

Macy: The light is probably an issue I should consider.  My choice will not help brighten the dark area, but it will look nicer than it does empty. Hope you like it anyway!

So here it is, the rug that's on its way to me:

While all your viewpoints helped make this a tremendously easier process, the biggest vote (the husband's) was for this one, in brown. (Thanks for noticing and getting me to the chocolate-colored ones, Trisha!) Also, it helped that it cost approximately 1/3 of each of the other rugs - hurray!

Individualized comments coming soon. See you, all!

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Penny for Your Thoughts

If you don't know what song that title is in reference to, please see Christopher Guest's classic, Waiting for Guffman. You're welcome.

ANYWAY . . .

So since I got such a great response (thank you all! Thank you! Thank you!) last time I asked you all for opinions, I am here to ask again.

These are some pictures of my front stoop. (Mental photoshop: add four terra cotta pots, two on either side of the garage, and two on either side of the front door, as I worked on that yesterday. Also mentally paint the shutters a nice, dark brown. That's the next home improvement project.)

I am thinking of putting a rug on the big, rectangular area in front of the door, as there isn't really much more I can do with that awkward space. I've had trouble finding any real options, but yesterday I found several online! Let me know what you think about the following options, please.

Crate and Barrel
Crate and Barrel

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn!

SO. We have:
1. A bordered, plain Crate and Barrel. Pro: simple. Con: light-colored and hard to keep clean?
2. Neutral, geometric Crate and Barrel. Pro: goes well with house. Con: . . . ?
3. Ethnic-looking Pottery Barn. Pro: Adds interest! Pretty! Con: Too busy?
4. Neutral, geometric Pottery Barn. Pro: goes well with house, very simple. Con: very light?
5. Interesting, floral Overstock piece. Pro: interesting, VERY cheap! Con: . . .? (Does it bother anyone that there's no black on the facade at this point? I'm not sure if it bothers me.)

So we have five distinct options at this point. Please feel free to vote for a number and leave it at that, or to leave ideas or observations. (Ex: Geometric is good!/ I like the neutrals./Go for price!/Whatever.)

Thanks for the help, all! It is going to be IMMENSELY useful, I am sure!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Climb on the Magic School Bus

This is one of my favorite outfits of late, made up of maybe my favorite new dress. So I was really excited when I showed my sister ehte pictures . . . untl she told me that I looked like the teacher on The Magic School Bus. But honestly, I never remember Miss Frizzle dressing poorly - lots of personality there! Her dresses were always decorated with the theme of what they were learning about in that book, so I guess this outfit indicates we'll learn how stripes are made? Or learn about painting? Not sure. Anyway, I couldn't really ask for a more honest reaction, so that works.  : P



Sweater: $25? NY&Co. Dress: $30 Anthro dress via Half of Half store. Shoes: $15 Classified.


OH and I don't have pictures, but I discovered a favorite new food today: breakfast lettuce wraps. We're ALL ABOUT breakfast burritos up in here (hubby was a bigger fan, but I'm plenty big on them while he's away, too) but I am well aware that tortillas have loooots of calories and do nothing to put my food intake in the proper proportion, as they are a whole lot of carb and I already eat lots of that. But I happen to have a head of romaine, and I neeeever seem to make it through lettuce before it goes bad, so I cooked up my egg and bacon and decided to put it in some lettuce leaves! It worked fantastically - the romaine leaf is totally nature's way-better taco shell! Also, it was very, very yummy. Go try it go try it!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Free to Be You and Me!

So by my post title, I actually mean "free to me". Because that's almost what this outfit was! Let's have a gander, eh?




What am I looking at on my floor there? Couldn't tell ya - just go with it.
Twinset: $2 Thrifted Gap. Necklace: Bridesmaid gift. Dress: From sister, Gap. Shoes: $15, don't know brand.


I grabbed this twinset in the thrift shop where I found it because I was looking to split one up for parts. That is, I have seen ultra-fashionable people wear the tanks as sweater vests and rock that, and I can always use another cardi. But this one was a little too 90's. 

Do you know what I mean? I mean both pieces are rather on the short side, and the tank has elastic spaghetti straps. Yup. That's not going over anything, ever. It's also pretty low-cut, so this may be the most of it that you ever see. But I am very happy with my purchase simply for the sweater - I don't often pick up colored layering pieces, so this one has come in handy. 

Another great part of this outfit: the dress! My sister picked it up at the Sidewalk Sale in Lawrence (one of my favorite hometown traditions) and discovered that she didn't like the fit once she got home. Well never fear, little sister! I, your helpful and understanding sister am happy to take it off your hands. Between the floaty and comfortable fit and the pockets, (!) it makes me happy all day. Does anyone else get hand-me-ups from siblings?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Badder than Old King Kong

This outfit is not particularly tough, I'll grant you. But I did feel more than a little baaaaaad in it. I think it's the jacket.



Earrings: $5 Sidewalk vendor in San Francisco. Jacket: $15 Ann Taylor Loft. Necklace: $20 Ann Taylor Loft. Dress: $30 Anthropologie. Shoes: . . . ? Forgot.


I've been on a trip home for about the last week, and I'm heading back tomorrow. I hope this helps explain some of my craziness and lack of posting during that time. As for the lack of posting the rest of the time, well . . . I don't know what to tell you.

While I've been here, I have gone shopping with my little sister (who just graduated high school, WOO!!) twice, and it has been really, really fun! (Pictures to come.) She has such a little model shape, so it's easy to pick up something cute and put it on her - it always looks great! Anyway, it has been great to play stylist. Thank you, other fashion blogs and mine as well, for helping me to figure out what looks good and what doesn't, what constitutes a healthy wardrobe of basics, and what flatters a figure. Much appreciated. Okay, time to go make a quick (hah!) stop at JoAnn's and then to lunch with a friend. Have a great day, all!

P.S. Please excuse the inexplicable blurriness in that first picture, and the crazy-eyes in that last one.