Monday, May 30, 2011

It is Only a Canvas Sky, Hanging Over a Cardboard Sea

So I have this lovely black sleeveless blouse. It has a button-up front and a tie neckline, it's 100% silk, and (that's a big part of why) you've never seen it. I spent significant money (not tons, but more than on my whole outfit some days) on this beautiful piece, so I don't wear it for many occasions.

Recently, I was thrifting with my mom and sister, and noticed a very similar black top. Now, it is NOT silk. It is 100% polyester, and it is nowhere near as lovely a piece. But it does fit well and it is a fun top, so I bought it. (Also, it was $1. Why not?) The brand is actually so embarrassing that I'm going to always pretend I forgot to check what brand it is, but I DO like this shirt. Plus, I actually get to wear it, rather than just gaining joy from the knowledge that it is captive in my closet. Below is an outfit featuring this new-ish top.

IMG_5062    IMG_5055

IMG_5058 IMG_5069

Top: $1 Thrifted. Belt: $1 Thrifted. (Maybe 50 cents?) Bermudass: $5 Thrifted Dockers. Heels: $20 Target.


So my dog has a pretty leaky mouth, especially shortly after taking drinks. She just lets the last mouthful or so flow right out the sides. So if she comes over and just sniffs me after drinking for a bit, I get wet spots. I promise that's what is on my pants above - NOT something icky I dripped on myself, promise!

Not my strongest outfit. But I am proud of it for happening. For pulling out that potentially-too-fancy for today's situations top, dressing it down, and being excited about whatever is in store for the day. Yay yay yay!

Also, CONGRATS to my sissy and all her classmates as they reflect on their high school graduation and what all that means. And love to you all!

Feel free to chime in about "too-nice-for-this" pieces.  I'd love to hear what you think!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just an Old-Fashioned [outfit post]

Two outfits.


Jacket: $7 Target. Scarf: $10 TJ Maxx. Shirt: $1 Thrifted. Jeans: $30 American Eagle. Shoes: $15 Penney's.

IMG_4940    IMG_4941


IMG_4946    IMG_4947

Jacket: $17 Kohl's. Tee: $1 Thrifted Banana Republic. Cami: $??, Loft. Bracelet: $7 Target. Belt: husband's. Skinnies: $30 Old Navy. Boots: $100 Ralph Lauren.

IMG_4949    IMG_4954

Goodness, sorry for the crazy-face pictures! I don't know what that's about. Also, I have no words for you . . . don't know what that's about, either. Anyway, this counts as posting! (Finally.) Woo hoo!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Say Yes to One . . .

I made up my mind! And here's an outfit that resulted.


Jean Jacket; $15 Loft clearance. Shirt: $10 Loft. Skirt: $30 Anthro. Shoes: $25 Chinese Laundry via DSW.


I really felt good in this outfit . . . I'm sorry all the pictures turned out so weird. (You should see the outtakes! Sheesh.)

And now, back to my weekend.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

*Jeopardy theme song*

As you may recall, I had a big decision to make recently (Yes you're right, I have a bizarre definition for "big decision".) (If you do not recall feel free to check out the skirt-choice post here.) and a limited amount of time to make it.

So what did I decide? Well, actually, you don't have all the information. The truth is, I had purchased four skirts. The one you didn't see was never part of the decision because I was completely sure that I would love the other one! This was Loft's Pintuck Hem Cotton Voile Skirt, seen here. But when it arrived, I didn't love the way it fit. See for yourself: (My apologies, of course, that the pictures were taken at nighttime. I kept forgetting to take some during the day.) NOW see for yourself:


This is the skirt sitting at hip height, where it naturally fits in the size I purchased. (Based on the size chart.) I really wanted it to sit up high, so I've hiked it up there to show you what I was looking for:


There it is, that's the detail (the pintucking) that I couldn't resist, and got the skirt to my door. Love!


So here it is, hiked up where I want it. The thing is, even in the right place, I only really like the way it looks with a belt. So, sweet as this thin little cotton skirt is (and if you're less hippy than I am, I highly suggest that you go buy yourself one!), I think that it is going back.


I am keeping two Anthropologie skirts.  : P

You all were extremely helpful in leaving comments, the vast majority of which were voting for the Wallflowers skirt. (Thank you thank you! You made this MUCH easier!) And even though I did have one vote that the Picked Plaid was somewhat tablecloth-y (duly noted!) I couldn't find it in my heart to not keep it. I just love the bright red flowers and the fit of it . . . so Picked Plaid and Wallflowers it is.

One more request for you all: many commenters mentioned all the great ways to pair up the Wallflowers skirt, and I actually had some trouble deciding what to wear it with when I modeled it for you. So if you feel so inclined (please please please?) feel free to (read: you better!) leave a suggestion (or five?) of how I could do so! Stripes with it? A color you think would be pretty? All ideas are VERY welcome! Thanks, everybody!

And here they are one more time, folks - the winners!

Picked Plaid

Friday, May 20, 2011

Now and Later

So I usually take outfit pictures on the way out the door in the morning. It really is on the way - I get dressed and do my bathroom things, get dressed, feed the dog and grab food for my lunch. Very much a straight line from bed to car. But on occasion, I will take them after school. And by "occasion", I mean that rare day every so often, when I come home and do not lay myself immediately onto something soft.

The day I took these pictures, I accidentally did both. (?) I know, weird.

The point is, that's why the first picture is clearly at a completely different time of day from the others. Sorry!



Jacket: $17 Kohl's. Tee: $1 thrifted J. Crew. Necklace: $20 Loft. Skirt: $30 Loft. Shoes: $20 SE Boutique.

IMG_4840 IMG_4841


Are you enjoying that moment where I realize that I'm wearing the "SUBSTITUTE" sticker in my outfit pictures? That clearly had to get posted.

I like this outfit, but I'm trying to figure out one big thing: what's up with the skirt? In some pictures, (particularly the last three, for example) I really like the way it's fitting, and I love it! But in others, like the first, it just doesn't seem to be very good for my hippy shape. Have you any insights on this to share?

My First Anniversary

About three weeks ago, I celebrated my first wedding anniversary. I realize I never shared anything that I did to mark the day, so I will show you now!

IMG_4875 IMG_4881

I got myself some flowers - just inexpensive ones from the grocery store. I picked friendly-looking purple ones and happy daisies, as purples and ivory were my wedding colors. The little bud vase really cheered up my kitchen window!


Sweater: $10 thrifted NY&Co. Dress: $30 Alex Evenings via Etsy. Shoes: $2 thrifted.


I don't know if you can tell what I'm holding there, but a wonderful friend sent chocolate-covered strawberries! So of course I enjoyed a couple of those.  : P I also wore one of my favorite sweaters and some comfy shoes, and, sentimentally, I wore the "getaway" dress from my wedding day! I love this thing.

It was a wonderful day! What special things do you do for anniversaries? Any traditions?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I've Made a Huge Mistake

Three gorgeous Anthro skirts showed up at my door today. Not seeing the problem? Well, my plan was to try on the three skirts (all on sale! Amazing!) and to send back at least two. I'd just pick my favorite and take the other two to the Nashville store.

Of course, you know the rest. Go ahead and say it with me: I can't decide.

Who could? So I'm putting the question to you, genius readers. I know you can help me in my time of need. Please please please leave an opinionated comment below! I'm hoping to take the others back on Saturday, so let me know what you think soon, please.

SO I was inspired to look for a pretty, full skirt this summer by a recent Ruche lookbook (unfortunately, the very tempting skirt is now sold out.) and this outfit from it:

I couldn't stand it. SO PRETTY. So I began my search. Here are the pieces I'm choosing from:

1. Picked Plaid skirt

IMG_5138       IMG_5133

2. Inkwell Skirt


IMG_5143    IMG_5147

3. Wallflower Skirt

IMG_5154     IMG_5163

IMG_5159    IMG_5157

Wow. If you have made it through all the zoom-in/zoom-out size changes with me, you really are a wonderful reader. But now I must call on you for a verdict. I need to keep only one of these lovelies in my closet - which do you think?

Note: I swear to you, I absolutely did NOT stick my butt out while taking the last picture of the inkwell skirt. Between the exact locations of the stripes and the fluff of the skirt, I didn't have a chance. Okay, okay, I really just have a great, big booty.  Please vote!

Monday, May 16, 2011

That Was Then, This is Now

Weird title? Perhaps. The point is, I have pictures of some crafts I recently finished (and sent off!) and a project I would like to start. First, the finished.




Pacifier clip: inspired by Disney. Burp cloths: inspired by Jill. (I also made a tie shirt, idea straight from Emily.) Hobo Bag: the perfect way to wrap it all up - the tutorial by Dana is great. Yay crafty bloggers for figuring out and explaining to me how to make great gifts for all my baby-makin' friends!!




Shirt: $1 Thrifted Banana. Skirt: $10 H&M. Birks: $40-ish.


I have had this skirt for  several years now, and it has only recently occurred to me that my wide-hipped shape is not particularly conducive to a low-slung a-line jersey skirt. BUT THEN I had this idea. What if it were a high-waisted skirt? So I hike the thing up, and suddenly it fulfills all my dreams to dress more like Rachel from Glee. (Total fashion icon. I love watching her clothes!) This is maybe my most comfortable outfit ever.

So that's the craft-to-come. I need to take it in, but I'm not sure how to do it exactly . . . on the side seams? I guess that's the only way to do it without creating a random seams in the middle back or screwing up the stripes. Get pumped for when you can see this outfit, but without the safety pin (as shown above) holding it in place!