Friday, May 20, 2011

Now and Later

So I usually take outfit pictures on the way out the door in the morning. It really is on the way - I get dressed and do my bathroom things, get dressed, feed the dog and grab food for my lunch. Very much a straight line from bed to car. But on occasion, I will take them after school. And by "occasion", I mean that rare day every so often, when I come home and do not lay myself immediately onto something soft.

The day I took these pictures, I accidentally did both. (?) I know, weird.

The point is, that's why the first picture is clearly at a completely different time of day from the others. Sorry!



Jacket: $17 Kohl's. Tee: $1 thrifted J. Crew. Necklace: $20 Loft. Skirt: $30 Loft. Shoes: $20 SE Boutique.

IMG_4840 IMG_4841


Are you enjoying that moment where I realize that I'm wearing the "SUBSTITUTE" sticker in my outfit pictures? That clearly had to get posted.

I like this outfit, but I'm trying to figure out one big thing: what's up with the skirt? In some pictures, (particularly the last three, for example) I really like the way it's fitting, and I love it! But in others, like the first, it just doesn't seem to be very good for my hippy shape. Have you any insights on this to share?

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  1. Adorable skirt! This one I may have to raid from your closet!!