Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In Stitches

Welcome to an altered outfit!

Not 100%, but mostly. Check it.


Remember this skirt? I finally have pictures of its chopped state! (Don't worry, this one is 100% altered, now it's just me getting pictures up.) It looks SO much better. Honestly, I think I like the way it looks in the pinned-up pictures even better than the way it looks now, but I don't think I was at all really up for creating a bubble skirt. And I do like this one!

And the shirt is new, basically for EBEW's awesome floral day! Also it was cheap and cute and I think it may be my favorite piece of this spring. Its issue was that it has a zipper up the back (could do without, but it's fine.) and if I moved even a little, it pulled open. Not okay. So I sewed a hook-and-eye at the top to keep apparently enormous shoulders and back inside. I had a back view to show you the zipper, but it just looked like I wasn't paying attention to my camera. I didn't really keep a good show-off-the-shoes pic, but I'm wearing my pink flats. Happy!


Jacket: $7 with coupon, Kohl's. Shirt: $7.50, Target. Skirt: $1, thrifted. Shoes: Probably $20, SE Boutique.
Yay for outfits cheap enough to be worth (hah!) listing the thriftiness!


I decided to combine two necklaces before heading out the door - pink and pearls? How girly am I? Sheesh. But with the military jacket, I say this JUST MIGHT be unexpected and maybe awesome. (I didn't participate because obviously I'm way too late. But what a cool idea, Brittney!)

Okay, folks, my blog is officially in Spring now. (Which is good because it's 90 degrees here.) I hope your clothes are helping you get in the spirit as much as mine are!

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  1. the necklace combination is fantastic! and your white skirt is a great summer staple!

    dash dot dotty

  2. I love this! Very girly, but in an oh-so-great way. :)

  3. you did a very good job with this skirt!

  4. Super cute top. I love how simple and timeless it is tucked into the skirt!