Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I've Made a Huge Mistake

Three gorgeous Anthro skirts showed up at my door today. Not seeing the problem? Well, my plan was to try on the three skirts (all on sale! Amazing!) and to send back at least two. I'd just pick my favorite and take the other two to the Nashville store.

Of course, you know the rest. Go ahead and say it with me: I can't decide.

Who could? So I'm putting the question to you, genius readers. I know you can help me in my time of need. Please please please leave an opinionated comment below! I'm hoping to take the others back on Saturday, so let me know what you think soon, please.

SO I was inspired to look for a pretty, full skirt this summer by a recent Ruche lookbook (unfortunately, the very tempting skirt is now sold out.) and this outfit from it:

I couldn't stand it. SO PRETTY. So I began my search. Here are the pieces I'm choosing from:

1. Picked Plaid skirt

IMG_5138       IMG_5133

2. Inkwell Skirt


IMG_5143    IMG_5147

3. Wallflower Skirt

IMG_5154     IMG_5163

IMG_5159    IMG_5157

Wow. If you have made it through all the zoom-in/zoom-out size changes with me, you really are a wonderful reader. But now I must call on you for a verdict. I need to keep only one of these lovelies in my closet - which do you think?

Note: I swear to you, I absolutely did NOT stick my butt out while taking the last picture of the inkwell skirt. Between the exact locations of the stripes and the fluff of the skirt, I didn't have a chance. Okay, okay, I really just have a great, big booty.  Please vote!


  1. I'm partial to the wallflower skirt, personally. :)

  2. i can totally see why you're having a hard time choosing. they're all so cute! if i HAD to pick one, though, i think i like wallflower the best. but whichever one you decide to keep will make your closet so happy!

  3. unfortunately, i really really like them all.
    but here's my vote:
    the picked plaid skirt--it's ultra flattering and i love the bright colors.
    so hard to choose, though! you can't go wrong :)

  4. I'm with dot - wallflower. It's adorbs.

  5. You look AMAZING in the Picked Plaid Skirt, but I of course love the Inkwell skirt also.

    But...the Inkwell skirt reminds me of the JCPenney skirt that you already own (can you hear the jealousy in my voice?)

  6. They all look really cute on you, but I think that I'm going to have to go with the Wallflower Skirt. The Picked Plaid would be my second choice.

  7. Oh my goodness, so beautiful! I think the Wallflower skirt suits you best though!

  8. I'ma throw my hat in for the Wallflower, lady: it can be belted or left alone, worn with a variety of other colors, and it can carry you into fall -- which is, if I'm shelling out the dollars, Very Important.

  9. I like them all!!!! I have both the Wallflower and the Inkwell. Picked Plaid looks so cute on you too! LOVE it with the red top!!!! I'm not helping...

  10. My favorite is the first one! So pretty.

  11. Oh man. seriously, could you have made this harder to choose? but for real, my automatic first response would be the third one with all the red and daisies. but then i just really love the second one because i loooove the color of shirt you paired with it. it's a bit quirky, but i'm sure you could match a lot of other stuff to it as well. hope that was helpful. can't wait to see you! :)

  12. AH! I love them all. So difficult. I really love the inkwell. I think it is so interesting and different. Though, I think the wallflower skirt is so much more flattering. Ah. You have to let us know what you decide. Lovin' your blog. Now following.

    Hope you'll follow back!

    Ask the Duplex

  13. Ok so I hate to say I love them all but I sooo do love them all! I vote 3 though... So much potential for mixing it up different ways! Dont ya hate choosing!

  14. ummm, why can't you keep them all? just give yourelf a present now, then, and later! that is usually what i would end up doing:)

  15. Ok, VERY tough decision. I'm going to follow the masses and say Wallflower though, b/c I think it can really be all season. So could the inkwell but I'm partial to the flowers myself.


    Also, is that post title an AD quote? If so, I heart you. If not, I heart you anyway.

  16. WALLFLOWER! They're all adorbs, but as others have mentioned, the second one is very similar to the awesome orange and black and gold one you already have, and the first one reminds me of a tablecloth. The wallflower one will go well with so many colors and shirts you already own!

    I'm glad I had this break from lab!

  17. Hey Pretty Girl!! Tough choice!! They are all so lovely! I have to a say though, that the first one, paired with the red tee is AMAZING on you. The colours just look like they were made for you. If colours could be made for people. Hmmm, not sure that comment made sense. OXO Natalie

  18. Wallflower for sure! I do like the first one, but i just adore the rusty red of the third :-)

  19. I have such an attractive wife.

    I vote you just keep all three so you can wear them all when I'm around next year!

  20. Tough choice! I pick Wallflower. It's a nice pop of color, and you can mix it up with a striped top or whatnot:-) xoxo

  21. Eeep! What a hard decision they are all so gorgeous!! Can I vote on you keeping all of them? Hehe, kidding, sort of. My fave? The first one, it's a stunning silhouette, pattern, and such gorgeous hues! xx veronika