Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This and That

A couple of outfits here. Blame it on my urge for efficiency and on the outfits not really being worthy of an entire post individually.


UO headband, Loft sweater and necklace and cords.


Wow. I love each of those pieces, but seriously. My shoes and headband were the only outwardly-visible clothing I had on that wasn't from Loft. That's a little embarrassing.


Necklace: Loft. Jacket: Kohl's. Vest: Urban Outfitters. Shirt: thrifted and altered J. Crew. Pants: Loft. Shoes: Call it Spring via Zappos.


Yes, I really wore this. I know, you can't take your eyes off how short the pants are. I can't, either. I actually love these pants - they couldn't be more comfortable. But they are extremely short. I'll have to address that soon. (I promise it's not as awful-looking when I'm not wearing black socks and shoes.) Nothing like highlighting your shortcomings!

BUT I really do like the top half of this outfit. I love the vest with the shirt, I like the necklace with both, and even the jacket. Hope you do, too!  

Oh, also, this is that J. Crew turtleneck that I thrifted and then cut its neck off. Fortunately, the photos aren't close enough to show you how lettucey the neckline is. But I still like the shirt. Hopefully I will find a way to deal with the exact finish of the neckline, but until then, I'll just disguise it by pairing it nicely.

Take care, all!


  1. I love the top/vest/jacket pairing from the second outfit! I wish soooo bad it was still cool enough to layer here. poopers

  2. I've been rolling up the bottoms of my "short" pants to make their shortness seem intentional. :)