Saturday, May 21, 2011

*Jeopardy theme song*

As you may recall, I had a big decision to make recently (Yes you're right, I have a bizarre definition for "big decision".) (If you do not recall feel free to check out the skirt-choice post here.) and a limited amount of time to make it.

So what did I decide? Well, actually, you don't have all the information. The truth is, I had purchased four skirts. The one you didn't see was never part of the decision because I was completely sure that I would love the other one! This was Loft's Pintuck Hem Cotton Voile Skirt, seen here. But when it arrived, I didn't love the way it fit. See for yourself: (My apologies, of course, that the pictures were taken at nighttime. I kept forgetting to take some during the day.) NOW see for yourself:


This is the skirt sitting at hip height, where it naturally fits in the size I purchased. (Based on the size chart.) I really wanted it to sit up high, so I've hiked it up there to show you what I was looking for:


There it is, that's the detail (the pintucking) that I couldn't resist, and got the skirt to my door. Love!


So here it is, hiked up where I want it. The thing is, even in the right place, I only really like the way it looks with a belt. So, sweet as this thin little cotton skirt is (and if you're less hippy than I am, I highly suggest that you go buy yourself one!), I think that it is going back.


I am keeping two Anthropologie skirts.  : P

You all were extremely helpful in leaving comments, the vast majority of which were voting for the Wallflowers skirt. (Thank you thank you! You made this MUCH easier!) And even though I did have one vote that the Picked Plaid was somewhat tablecloth-y (duly noted!) I couldn't find it in my heart to not keep it. I just love the bright red flowers and the fit of it . . . so Picked Plaid and Wallflowers it is.

One more request for you all: many commenters mentioned all the great ways to pair up the Wallflowers skirt, and I actually had some trouble deciding what to wear it with when I modeled it for you. So if you feel so inclined (please please please?) feel free to (read: you better!) leave a suggestion (or five?) of how I could do so! Stripes with it? A color you think would be pretty? All ideas are VERY welcome! Thanks, everybody!

And here they are one more time, folks - the winners!

Picked Plaid

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