Monday, May 2, 2011

Proud to be an American

Somehow when I woke up this morning, nothing seemed appropriate but red, white, and blue.

I wore this shirt untucked at first - a mistake I realized and corrected after one picture. Too bad that was after my whole day.

I LOVE this skirt. It's basically a tailored pencil skirt at JUST the right length, but made out of the material of sweatpants. I want to wear it every day, except it does this ugly bunchy thing on the front of me. *sigh*

I took this to show you my red earrings (thanks, mom!) but posted it to show you how brooding I can accidentally look.

Aaaaand the day I publish my cookbook (I will finally reveal my fantastic secret for toast, and all the recipes I stole from friends and Real Simple. All will buy.) this will be the author picture in the back. How cheesy am I? (Very. But it's okay, cheese will be a very important component of my cookbook.)

If you are interested in this outfit, I don't think any of it is still for sale anywhere, but shirt and skirt came from NY&Co. The shoes are Classified, also several years old, and the earrings were Mom's. 

Storytime: These shoes were pretty uncomfortable when I first purchased them, maybe three years ago. I had just about given up on them when, maybe last week, I forced myself to wear them again - no idea why. But this time, they really didn't hurt! Not even one blister! I have no idea why it took these shoes dozens of wears to cross that break-in threshold, but I am glad they finally got with the program. I hate working through that, but am so glad these shoes weren't just a waste of a perfectly good $15.

I hope all is well with you, reader(s)! Take care.


  1. Pencil skirts that are deceivingly comfortable are the best. I swear they're the sweatpants of skirts. I own about 5 or 6 (I know...too many) and the leopard print one I just got is the first to not be made of some sort of stretchy forgiving fabric.

    And I want your earrings. Mom earrings are great too :)

  2. oh man, that happens to me all the time...mysteriously shoes will hurt one day and not the next. p.s. i love this shirt! is this the one you were talking about? the ruffles are gorgeous.

  3. Ok, that skirt sounds SUPER comfy....fantastico! And I really love how you styled your hair...I need to give my a little kick into high gear.