Monday, June 6, 2011

A Penny for Your Thoughts

If you don't know what song that title is in reference to, please see Christopher Guest's classic, Waiting for Guffman. You're welcome.

ANYWAY . . .

So since I got such a great response (thank you all! Thank you! Thank you!) last time I asked you all for opinions, I am here to ask again.

These are some pictures of my front stoop. (Mental photoshop: add four terra cotta pots, two on either side of the garage, and two on either side of the front door, as I worked on that yesterday. Also mentally paint the shutters a nice, dark brown. That's the next home improvement project.)

I am thinking of putting a rug on the big, rectangular area in front of the door, as there isn't really much more I can do with that awkward space. I've had trouble finding any real options, but yesterday I found several online! Let me know what you think about the following options, please.

Crate and Barrel
Crate and Barrel

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn!

SO. We have:
1. A bordered, plain Crate and Barrel. Pro: simple. Con: light-colored and hard to keep clean?
2. Neutral, geometric Crate and Barrel. Pro: goes well with house. Con: . . . ?
3. Ethnic-looking Pottery Barn. Pro: Adds interest! Pretty! Con: Too busy?
4. Neutral, geometric Pottery Barn. Pro: goes well with house, very simple. Con: very light?
5. Interesting, floral Overstock piece. Pro: interesting, VERY cheap! Con: . . .? (Does it bother anyone that there's no black on the facade at this point? I'm not sure if it bothers me.)

So we have five distinct options at this point. Please feel free to vote for a number and leave it at that, or to leave ideas or observations. (Ex: Geometric is good!/ I like the neutrals./Go for price!/Whatever.)

Thanks for the help, all! It is going to be IMMENSELY useful, I am sure!


  1. Ooooh, house envy! :D The husband and I are currently enjoying condo-living, but we always talk about having a garage in the future for storage space!

    That's a tough dilemma you have right there. I won't be of much help, but I'm sure others will have more insight. I'm kinda bad when it comes to design. =P I think I like the first one most. It seems you can't go wrong with it! Hahaha. I know it isn't as fun as the other options, but that's probably a reflection of me. =P Hmmm....also gravitating towards option 2. I think it's the neutral colors I like. :)

  2. I am 100% into the ethnic colorful pottery barn one. I guess it depends on your style, but I really like the fun that it brings. If I were going to choose a more subdued one, I'd go for the geometric pottery barn, those two are my fav. I also know that sometimes Urban Outfitters has outdoor rugs that go on SUPER sale and they have some nice prints that are fun but not too loud, not like you need more options, but maybe a nice tip?

  3. I like the Pottery Barn rug Option #4 because I think it will accent your brick siding nicely. I think the darker the rug, the darker this entryway will seem since it doesn't seem to have any direct sunlight. A bonus would be if you could lay the rug so the lines of the rug lead you to the front door! :)

  4. I like the second one. That said, I don't know that I'd put a Crate & Barrel rug outdoors, even if covered...I guess I'm thinking about woodland creatures and sideways rain.

  5. I vote 2 or 4...I visited pottery barn for the first time today and I am in LOVE!

  6. Option 1 or 2 - then the attention will be driven to your pretty plants! (but you knew I was going to say that, didn't you?).

  7. Right off the bat, my favorite is the ethnic print from Pottery Barn, but for your particular space, I think the one from Overstock might work best. It give a nice punch of pattern, but is not too colorful, and would blend nicely with the color scheme you are developing.

  8. Boo! I left a comment yesterday and today it's not here. You'll get the reader's digest version today.

    #2. It's awesome and it fits your color scheme, or something like the ethnic print, possibly in a brighter color.

  9. I think the overstock one. And if you painted your shutters black it would look GREAT! Good luck with your decision!