Sunday, June 5, 2011

Climb on the Magic School Bus

This is one of my favorite outfits of late, made up of maybe my favorite new dress. So I was really excited when I showed my sister ehte pictures . . . untl she told me that I looked like the teacher on The Magic School Bus. But honestly, I never remember Miss Frizzle dressing poorly - lots of personality there! Her dresses were always decorated with the theme of what they were learning about in that book, so I guess this outfit indicates we'll learn how stripes are made? Or learn about painting? Not sure. Anyway, I couldn't really ask for a more honest reaction, so that works.  : P



Sweater: $25? NY&Co. Dress: $30 Anthro dress via Half of Half store. Shoes: $15 Classified.


OH and I don't have pictures, but I discovered a favorite new food today: breakfast lettuce wraps. We're ALL ABOUT breakfast burritos up in here (hubby was a bigger fan, but I'm plenty big on them while he's away, too) but I am well aware that tortillas have loooots of calories and do nothing to put my food intake in the proper proportion, as they are a whole lot of carb and I already eat lots of that. But I happen to have a head of romaine, and I neeeever seem to make it through lettuce before it goes bad, so I cooked up my egg and bacon and decided to put it in some lettuce leaves! It worked fantastically - the romaine leaf is totally nature's way-better taco shell! Also, it was very, very yummy. Go try it go try it!


  1. Cute dress! I can totally see why your sister would say it's Ms. Frizzle-ish! I think it's the style and the shape of the dress! =P I LOVED reading the Magic School Bus as well! I definitely want the entire collection for my future children (and myself!)

    That lettuce wrap sounds pretty tasty! I happen to have some romaine just chillin' in my fridge that I need to use up! I happened to have a wrap today too....Shrimp tacos, with the lettuce replacing the tortilla shell! =D But, bacon and eggs sound better. ^_~ Can't say no to bacon!

  2. True story: I am going to introduce myself as Ms. Frizzle next year and see how long it takes any of the kids to catch on.

    Have you ever grilled romaine? Super tasty.