Friday, June 3, 2011

Free to Be You and Me!

So by my post title, I actually mean "free to me". Because that's almost what this outfit was! Let's have a gander, eh?




What am I looking at on my floor there? Couldn't tell ya - just go with it.
Twinset: $2 Thrifted Gap. Necklace: Bridesmaid gift. Dress: From sister, Gap. Shoes: $15, don't know brand.


I grabbed this twinset in the thrift shop where I found it because I was looking to split one up for parts. That is, I have seen ultra-fashionable people wear the tanks as sweater vests and rock that, and I can always use another cardi. But this one was a little too 90's. 

Do you know what I mean? I mean both pieces are rather on the short side, and the tank has elastic spaghetti straps. Yup. That's not going over anything, ever. It's also pretty low-cut, so this may be the most of it that you ever see. But I am very happy with my purchase simply for the sweater - I don't often pick up colored layering pieces, so this one has come in handy. 

Another great part of this outfit: the dress! My sister picked it up at the Sidewalk Sale in Lawrence (one of my favorite hometown traditions) and discovered that she didn't like the fit once she got home. Well never fear, little sister! I, your helpful and understanding sister am happy to take it off your hands. Between the floaty and comfortable fit and the pockets, (!) it makes me happy all day. Does anyone else get hand-me-ups from siblings?

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  1. I think the cardigan looks great! I have something of an obsession with cardigans myself. :D My sister and I are almost similar in size, though she is slightly smaller, so whatever clothes I find too small I give to her, and whatever that is too big for her, I get! Mostly, I end up giving more to her though. >_< Darn me and my expanding waistline! (Or the "I'll fit into this in the future" mentality!)