Monday, May 30, 2011

It is Only a Canvas Sky, Hanging Over a Cardboard Sea

So I have this lovely black sleeveless blouse. It has a button-up front and a tie neckline, it's 100% silk, and (that's a big part of why) you've never seen it. I spent significant money (not tons, but more than on my whole outfit some days) on this beautiful piece, so I don't wear it for many occasions.

Recently, I was thrifting with my mom and sister, and noticed a very similar black top. Now, it is NOT silk. It is 100% polyester, and it is nowhere near as lovely a piece. But it does fit well and it is a fun top, so I bought it. (Also, it was $1. Why not?) The brand is actually so embarrassing that I'm going to always pretend I forgot to check what brand it is, but I DO like this shirt. Plus, I actually get to wear it, rather than just gaining joy from the knowledge that it is captive in my closet. Below is an outfit featuring this new-ish top.

IMG_5062    IMG_5055

IMG_5058 IMG_5069

Top: $1 Thrifted. Belt: $1 Thrifted. (Maybe 50 cents?) Bermudass: $5 Thrifted Dockers. Heels: $20 Target.


So my dog has a pretty leaky mouth, especially shortly after taking drinks. She just lets the last mouthful or so flow right out the sides. So if she comes over and just sniffs me after drinking for a bit, I get wet spots. I promise that's what is on my pants above - NOT something icky I dripped on myself, promise!

Not my strongest outfit. But I am proud of it for happening. For pulling out that potentially-too-fancy for today's situations top, dressing it down, and being excited about whatever is in store for the day. Yay yay yay!

Also, CONGRATS to my sissy and all her classmates as they reflect on their high school graduation and what all that means. And love to you all!

Feel free to chime in about "too-nice-for-this" pieces.  I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. Other than really fancy dresses, I don't really believe in "too nice for this" pieces. Unless you're going on a run or to the dog park, rock that silk shirt!

  2. Love that top!! It looks great on you! Also: this is unrelated, but my little password for posting said 'nelogyne'. What the what?!