Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Want to Twirl!

This post's title is actually a quote from a three-year-old who attended my church for the first time this Sunday. She came from a church where the kiddos were encouraged to dance and move around to the music. Apparently she deemed our more-traditional music danceable, and was very upset when her mother attempted to keep her in the pew. I couldn't help but relate, though. Who doesn't want to twirl? Especially in the first of the three following recent acquisitions.

1. Light jersey dress. A couple of years ago, a friend gave me a dress (for some reason) in this GORGEOUS kelly green jersey. It was very flattering, comfortable and perfect for dressing up in summer. I somehow lost it at some point (BAH!) and have been looking for a decent replacement. Until I found this crazy gem:



See the twirling? This thing could not be more comfortable. And it's hard to see here, but I love the deep blue-green color of it. It came from the (Half of Half) store with a REALLY HUGE rip (seriously, maybe 5 inches?) in a seam, but there is so much fabric in the skirt that I realized it would be extremely easy to fix. So I did! This dress is by Sine and distributed by Anthropologie. (A discount store with a separate anthro rack? Why isn't there one near me?)

2. Next is my motivation to exercise (aka bikini) from a thrift shop. (NWT.) I wasn't quite sure how to show you, so I improvised:


It's difficult to see, but keep in mind that those are cool-looking paislies and the cups are a lot less over-full without the dress and things on.   : P  It's Victoria's Secret and I love it. Don't tell them, I'm still playing mad because they have so few small-chested offerings.

3. Skirt to be altered!




I would never have considered high-waisted things for myself before beginning this blog. Amazing, especially as I have a little high-as-my-waist-can-go moment here for the last few weeks. Anyway, this lovely linen skirt called out to my in its especially melodious 99-cent voice, so I had to take it home. What do you think about my proposed length there? It's a bit shorter than most of my skirts, but the knee-lengthe or just-touching-knee length really just didn't work for me. Pleeeeeease feel free to leave a suggestion below!

See you soon!


  1. I know Victoria's secret. She's jealous of us small chested girls. Thus, she spites us by leaving us by the way-side, forelorn and bra-less. We should start a successful cute bra line for ONLY girls of our small nature. We gotta stick together.

    Also, the scarf from Hancocks you asked about, they just sold a bunch for a while. They went super on sale and I may or may not have bought one in each color (so, like....6 or 7).

  2. That dress is gorrrrgeous.

    I'm alright with Victoria's Secret--I'm decidedly average within their size range. But I know that larger-chested girls get frustrated with them as well, as they only go up to a DD, I think.

    The quality is so good...wish they could expand their range enough for everyone.

  3. Those are such great finds! I'm dying for that jersey dress. Also, I echo your bikini complaints. I can never find one that fits right - the best luck I've had is with J Crew. I can't say their tops "enhance" anything, but they do fit alright!

  4. Can't wait to see that newly re-invented skirt!