Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Reading Rainbow

Today I have three things for you once again. A fantastic thrifted find, an outfit, and evidence of a photo adventure. Enjoy:

1. Seriously, a reading ranbow

This fantastic little set was waiting for me in my local Goodwill. At $2.50 apiece, I got a cool set of decorations for now, the basis for my first child's nursery decor (perhaps) and some excellent reading material. Bargain!

2. Comfy Casual Outfit



Sweater: Old Navy. Necklace: From Mom. Skinny Jeans: Old Navy. Chuck Taylors: Outlet store. Aviators: husband's.

These totally sweet pictures were taken by my fantastic friend! I was thrilled to see her for this, and MANY other reasons. Example: the necklace I wear in that last picture was from a thrift shop she had shown me mere moments before this was taken. Recognize that incredible skyline behind me? That's right, it's KC, folks!

3. Photo Adventure pictures!


This is on the campus of the college in town, and I think it is the neatest. I was glad to get a shot of it on such a lovely, sunny day.

Why this is funny: the school is Austin Peay. "Peay" being pronounced "pee". (I hope you're giggling at this sign as much as I always do!)

We'll get caught up yet, friends. Hold out for after pics of that long grey skirt I was going to take up. (It's up, now the bottom needs a small dose of being taken in. I'll get there!

Take care, and happy Palm Sunday to everybody! (And happy 2 months of deployment down to me - I'm 1/6th done!!!)

P.S. Sorry about the overly-obvious bra line in today's pics. I would have scrapped them for that ridiculous line, but I otherwise really liked them, and I thought Nikki's work should be displayed.

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  1. you look so much like your sister in these photos. i think it's the way you have your hair. cute :)