Monday, April 25, 2011

My Strongest Suit

Might be dresses. I am loving this clothing option lately. You three potential ways to wear it without even getting creative, you can wear it as a whole outfit without worrying about pairing or proportion or any of that nonsense, and I just feel so dang figure-flattered in mine lately! Love the dresses. Like these:


Dress: Sine (Anthro) via Half of Half. Accessories: from Grandma. Honestly, probably from some dollar store. Shoes: Thrifted.


I love how this outfit came out. "What do you mean? That's just a dress. You put on a dress and congratulate yourself for an outft?" Well, right. I mean the way the color of the shoes looks with the dress, and the way the necklace length works really well (to my eye) with the neckline; that stuff.



Cardigan: Banana Republic. Dress: Thrifted Express. Earrings: Mommed. Shoes: Naturalizer.

Don't you just love purple and red together? When I put this dress on, I knew I would need something more for warmth and modesty but had no idea how to add to the classic polka dot without detracting style . . . but I think this lovely color combo (at least I love it) works. Probably I could have used a necklace, but I had to get the heck out the door, so earrings were the best I could do.

Why is it that sometimes our favorite pieces are the most difficult to style? They seem to take more effort so you don't take away from what you love about them . . . odd. What pieces do you have that just confound you when you try to pair them outfits?

Take care, all! (There's a pretty serious storm going on here; here's hoping I don't end up without power AGAIN!)

P.S. Do you like my new "layout"? It's still just experimental, but I think I'm liking the various-sized pictures better than the long series of massive, vertically-stacked shots. Let me know what you think.

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  1. That blue dress is very Kate Middleton!

    Monique xx