Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing . . .

Yes, friends, this is a post all about loving one another and taking care of all mankind.

Well, actually it's just a small, neat pay-it-forward project thing and a little (read: LOT) bit of stalling.

Pay it Forward:

I managed to be one of the first five to comment on someone else's PIF post and so will be getting something within the next nine months. Exciting! I decided now was a good time to post this because it's still fairly early in the year and I have a while to try to get some handmade things busted out.

Also, I haven't posted in freaking forever. I took my camera and computer with me on my recent trip home to visit friends and family, but (as usual) spent waaaay too much time enjoying all them folks to spend time staring at a screen without them. Sorry, readers.

The trip resulted in loooots of new clothes (gift card, trading in old clothes for new, thrifting, etc.) that I can't wait to show, but for now I need to take care of my hungry dog, get things put away from the trip, and pick up the house from the disarray in which I left it.

Comment for a free something! (Non-blog-writing readers: I believe this could be posted on Facebook and continued that way. Feel free to be one of my comment-ers!) Note: I just discovered some INCREDIBLE craft blogs (something I've been intentionally semi-avoiding because I knew I would get sucked in. Well, I'm in now, so sign up and I'll send you some of the crazy ideas I'm rapidly coming up with - but in material, not idea, form.


  1. Welcome to the world of craftiness! And I would love to receive of your bounty. :)

  2. oh i think is so cool and obvi crafty :)

  3. Ah, craft blogs. Sammy should tell you about the 3 hours we spent skyping together about craft blogs one night. It resulted in her getting plush cats in the mail.

    Sorry to have been a lurker up to this point--I really should comment more often. And YOU should send me something creative :)... remind me, and I'll message you my mailing address via facebook.

  4. Me! Me! I'm the last one :D Woot!!