Sunday, April 10, 2011

Think of Me

Even though I don't post on here and thus give you no reason to do so. Here's what I've been up to lately:

-Taking a photo adventure/picnic in town with a friend. Fun!

-Taking care of silly, no-fun projects (patching holes in husband's pants and shorts, etc. . . not helpful to him while he's deployed, oops.) to help me feel better about moving on to FUN projects like making baby clothes and toys for friends who are PREGO! My Fb news feed is just a big collage of pregnant bellies lately, so I'm pumped to try every tiny and adorable tutorial on my new beloved craft blogs.

-Enjoying the amazing weather. It's 90 here. I think we have skipped a season . . . Sorry these pictures are old. Clearly I did not wear this outfit today.   : P

-Plucking weeds from my little garden-y planter area in my yard. MAN plants can get out of control when you leave them to their own devices for 6+ months! Amazing.

-Missing you all, naturally.

Okay, on to some pics. Behold, my new, perfect trench coat:





Trench: Old Navy. Sweater: Thrifted Banana Republic. Flower: ON&C. Belt: Husband's. (Now MINE!) Jeans: AE, I think. Mocs: Target. 


The day I wore all this, a friend saw my shoes and asked, sounding completely shocked: "Are those slippers??" I tried to sound normal as I explained that, yes, I am pretty sure they were made to be slippers. But that I wear them outside the house. Frequently. She sort of looked like I was crazy, and I explained that there was maybe a year or two recently when EVERYONE wore slippers and we all just ignored one anothers' feet and it was fine. And for that lovely, brief period, everyone was comfy. Ahhh.

Do you ever find this? You move someplace and things that you SWEAR used to be normal just aren't anymore? At least not to the new audience? It's an interesting feeling.

Also, why am I posing on a chair today? I couldn't seem to get myself in the light . . . and then I just liked the chair.

: P


  1. LOVE the sweater-belt-flower combo. Too cute. I think I tried on that same trench the other day--didn't fit right, though, so I ended up with a green military-ish one instead.

  2. love the outfit :) and ya i wore "slippers" the other day and my mom said that same thing :P

  3. firstly, you're cute. secondly, nice flower. i'm a fan. thirdly, i found a DIY site i thought you might like. it's all about modifying clothes in ways that look very you. check it out!

    hope to see you this summer! we should get together an be crafty.

  4. I am loving everything about this outfit- including the flower pin! When we moved to New Orleans, I noticed that every young female wore Nike 'Tempo' track shorts. It was like their off work/school uniform. Even in the winter, I see girls wearing them with tights under them. If you don't know, these shorts have built-in undies and it surprised me to see that girls would choose to wear these around all day. I wore them in track/Xcountry and I still wear them to the gym, but I am not ready to wear them all day around town.