Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Sound of Silence

Aaaaaaand I'm back. Wow. That's quite an unexcused absence I've racked up for myself, there. Sorry about not posting anything, friends! Weak sauce.

The big problem, really, has not been too little to write. Quite the opposite. I have recently made LOTS of clothing purchases (thrifting, exchanging for my old clothes, gift carding, etc.) and am super dee duper excited to show you each and every one! But I only just took the pictures of everything last night. And I also have a big (and growing, obviously) backlog of outfit pictures to put up. SO anyway, whine-whine-whine-excuses-excuses, I'm done now. Here's an outfit:



Jacket: some market in London. Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft. Pants: sale at Anthro. Shoes: DSW.


If you are thinking to yourself, "Man, that could really use an attractive and bold accessory - necklace? Belt?" then we are thinking the same thing. WOW neutral! Some detail shots:

I love the stripe on these pants. It is rather delicate.

I LOVE these shoes! They're the best, and that's all there is.

Oh, and here's my dog. It took like a dozen pictures to get a non-blurry one, but she was looking extra-cute so I had to get it.


I'm hoping not to to go out of touch like that any more, but please be patient as I try out new things. I may show you my first freezer-paper-stenciling or ruching or bunting if I ever do any of those things, I hope you have enough love in your heart to love more subjects on this blog.

P.S. I swear I will make something neat for comment-ers on that last post down there, and I will NOT use your shipping address to stalk you! Probably! (So get commenting.)


  1. I like the juxtaposition of the leather and the ruffles. And I like that I was with you when that jacket was bought at that market in London. Happy :D

  2. Thanks for the link!! I will make sure to put that to use sometime. Also, those are cute cute CUTE shoes. I love them too. And I can't wait to see your purchases, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's been excessively purchasing things! Haha.


  3. I love you ruffle shirt. I keep seeing DIY stuff for adding really easy (at least I assume) ruffles to simple knit shirts that I want to try. I'm trying to wait until summer and to be done with my 30x30 first.