Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

I feel like I was doing so well there for a while, and then gone! Don't feel bad if you didn't notice, I'm sure it wasn't as noticeable as it was for me - I was gone because I spent 36 hours without power.

36 hours without power.

It was ridiculous. I woke up on Wednesday to a call from my husband who wanted me to get on Skype. I tried, but realized I wasn't getting any internet. I investigated my router, but realized it wasn't even on. I messed with it a while, before realizing NOTHING was getting power. It really wasn't a bad day except for the following:

1. It gets dark a LOT earlier than you may realize. I was all huddled around a candle for hours, trying to finish my hubby's anniversary box - that was a bit nuts.

2. How long does food last in a non-refrigerated refrigerator? I didn't know, but (per my dad's suggestions) I went out late last night and bought two styrofoam coolers and a stinking ton of dry ice. I loaded all the food that I could fit into the chests, wrapped each one with a blanket, and then covered the whole set with another quilt. I am not even kidding you, this worked REALLY well. The power came back on around 10 am this morning so I put the food back, and everything that had been frozen going into the cooler (which was most everything from the freezer) was frozen coming out, so I'm pretty proud of the results. I also took the opportunity to clean out both my fridge and freezer. Wow, what an interesting day, aren't you glad I shared? Okay, you paid your dues. (Or, wisely, skipped past all that text, whew!) Here's the pictures.


Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft. Yellow necklace and white belt: Thrifted. High-waisted pants: Thrifted Ann Taylor. Heels: Bandolino.


Here are a couple more things I picked up while at home:



The necklace and button up were thrifted in KC, and the yellow tee was a new Loft purchase. Boring, but I'm proud of myself for stocking up on solids lately - I just really don't have them.


And this little beauty is a thrifted JCrew turtleneck, and I decided to try turning it into a crewneck. How did that work out, you ask? Well, have no fear. I'm wearing the result! I'll show you soon, I already have some pictures of the finished product.

Take care, and always be sure you know of a place that sells dry ice!
: P


  1. Gimme your necklace! I love it!

    Also, I'll gladly post a DIY on the quiches. I love sharing food, even if it's just through the interwebs. :)

  2. I for one am glad I did NOT skip the text b/c now I know exactly how to keep my food cool for as long as possible when the apocalypse comes ;) What a CRAZY day! And you still got cute outfits out of it?! Hero.