Friday, April 15, 2011

Gotta Have Faith-uh Faith-uh Faith-uh

I told you I'd get another post up soon! Sooner than I thought, actually - once I posted, I just couldn't stay away!

Anyway, here's two more catch-up outfits, and one successfully-completed crafty project!

1. Old and New




Sweater: Ann Taylor. Pants: Ann Taylor Loft. Socks: NY&Co. Shoes: Naturalizer.


So I pulled this sweater out of the back of my drawer - I had forsaken it a few years ago, thinking it didn't fit anymore. Clearly not! And it's still just as soft and cute as I remembered. Annnnnnd new shoes! I've been looking for red heels for YEARS, and I couldn't be happier with them.

2. Lovin' It



Trench: Old Navy. Button-up: Thrifted Land's End. Denim trousers: Ann Taylor Loft.


Umm, yeah. I am in front of a McDonald's. Why? I was driving home for the weekend (an 8-hour drive) and didn't want to miss an outfit photo. You know, just a normal little restroom, use free internet, let the dog out and outfit picture stop. (And I bought a sundae. Yum.)

3. My Peeps




If you look reeeeeeally close, you can see some little egg and flower window gel clings on my window. That's what $1.50 gets you at a Wal-Mart, friends. (First time I've really shopped at Wal-Mart since we moved. Not my finest hour. But I like the result!)

And the peeps? Well if you skip on over to MADE you can see Dana's aaaawesome tutorial for this cute Peep Bunting, you can see the SUPERcute ones she made up. The key to a really cute result is to use actual felt, like she did. I used some material I had from a thrifted skirt. It was like felt, except it's slippery on the back, so each bunny got a little twisted/warped. But I am still happy enough with it to put it up each year, so Successful Craft!

That's all for now, take care, all!


  1. love the pictures in front of mcdonalds. that is dedication and ingenuity.

  2. first of all, i've been searching for red heels for a long time too. you're look perfect! maybe after my 30 is over, i'll break down an buy a good pair as a reward for finishing the semester alive. also, i'm impressed you drove 8 hours in the car dressed like that. the only time i look nice when i drive my measly 3.5 hours home is when i wear one of my tshirt stretch knit dresses.

  3. I'm loving those red heels, SO fabulous! I absolutely love that you paired them with a more neutral palette too!! xx veronika