Sunday, April 24, 2011

More, More More

Here we go, keeping up with all the posting that needs to get done.

Outfit one: A shirt I LOVE, but rarely wear because of its slightly-short length. A new (to me) pair of nice brown pants. Nude heels I have loved for their whole 4-year-long lives.



Whew, excuse the crazy hair in the second shot there. That was the night before - I didn't look like that in public. Also, excuse the phone in the first one - I was talking to the hubby while shooting. Why couldn't I retake after hanging up? . . . hindsight, people, it's amazing.

Blue headband: Urban Outfitters. Shirt: H&M. Pants: Thrifted Gap. Shoes: Bandolino.

Outfit two: A dress I bought a year ago and wore to get my hair done on my wedding dress (easy to get it off without mussing) and never again - yet. A new (to me) sweater from a thrifted twinset. Old gold sandals.



An all-cheapo outfit-yay! I'm so proud! Check it:

Sweater: Thrifted Gap. Dress: Thrifted Ann Taylor Loft. Shoes: Payless.
Not positive, I'm guessing the total was  ~$25.

I plowed through a BUNCH of backlogged crafty projects this weekend, so I should be able to show the results here pretty soon. (Ironic piece missing from this success? That skirt I asked for nagging about. Sheesh.)

That's it on this end - I hope everyone had a delightful and blessed Easter!

Be well.


  1. Thank you for the darling compliments! And the quilt was one of several that we used during the session, all made by the bride-to-be's family. They were gorgeous and I seriously wish my family was made up of quilters.

  2. Your little button-up top sparked my memory when I saw this one: Wild Things Top