Monday, April 18, 2011

I recently bought a silk scarf (finally found one for less that $17 at TJ Maxx! Woo!) but realized that I don't know what to DO with them. I love when others wear them, but the square shape is so completely different than any scarf I've ever worn before.

Suggestions, friends? I'd love either tips on how you wear them, or even a link or picture of great ways others do this thing. Help, help!

Thanks.  : P

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  1. The black floral scarf and the bright checkered scarf I've been wearing in a lot of my posts are both square scarves. I wear them folded in half like a triangle, and then drape in around my neck cowboy/robber style with the triangle shape in front and the two ends around the neck and draped back to the front . If it's a big scarf like mine, you don't have to tie it or anything. Also, youtube is a wonderful source of How-To's. I'm sure you can find a billion more exciting ways than mine from that.