Monday, April 18, 2011

Back in Town

My last post documented the outfit pictures I had to take on the road back to my parents' house; this is trying to find a spot there to take them. The first is in my old room, now my sister's room:


Not the greatest lighting. I made my way outside, to the back porch. (Please ignore how dirty my dog got the back door.)


Shirt: NY&Co. Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft. Capris: Dockers. Heels: Bandolino. 


I don't think I quite love the blousing there, but I'll keep working on it. Don't you fret. I have to say, in my recent quest to leap out of my Loft rut, I am pretty proud that the only Loft item is my necklace! That is progress, friends.

Oh, and while I was there I discovered the Half of Half store - an incredible place where dreams come true. Overstatement? Perhaps. But look at some sweet stuff I got:

Love this Ann Taylor Petites dress; the cut is just very modest and sweet.
But check it with a belt. I KNOW, right?


Yeah, I've shown you my trench, but I just love seeing this hem peeking from beneath it.   : P


And this little beauty? Yup, this is officially my Easter dress. Don't you love it? I LOVE it. The only catch was that the zipper wouldn't budge an inch. I figured it would be worth paying to get that fixed.


Broken zipper? How embarrassing! But you want to know the best part? I wrestled with it for some time and FIXED IT! Now I have a perfect Anthro dress that I purchased for $30. Half of Half, friends!

And there you have it. My goofiest post yet. I hope you have all survived this one. Keep with me, everybody, this too, shall pass.

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  1. What is the Half of Half store you speak of, and why don't I know about it? Tell me, tell me!