Friday, March 25, 2011

One of These Things is not Like the Other

Okay, that's a lie.

This post shows an outfit that I stole from another blogger. Almost exactly, not like "I saw someone wearing blue so I was inspired to wear these socks, sorry I stole your idea . . ." Fur real. I stole it.

Look. Here's Jen wearing the outfit:

And here's me:


Sweater, flower and belt: NY&Co. Dress: Thrifted White House Black Market. Flats: can't remember.


So, wow. That's a dang similar outfit. But I got to wear this dress as the skirt, which I almost never wear.

And this cardigan - I have LOVED it since picking it up at my favorite thrift store in KC but have never quite figured out a great way to wear it, which is what I picked up. The real thing I wanted to pick up from Jen's outfit (above. JenLovesKev, people, get with it.) was that she wore her awesome-bold-floral cardigan all buttoned up, as a shirt. I NEVER do this. They often tug at my belly and accent that area . . . not pleasant. But I tried it, and I don't think it's bad, especially with the belt.

Basically, I loved wearing this outfit, taking and seeing these pictures, and getting to wear some of my favorite clothes. Thanks, Jen!

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  1. very cute! It was a great copy but with your own style added. I love it!!!