Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mama Told Me There'd be Days Like This

Whoo, this outfit was a learning experience. Do you ever have an outfit that you find yourself adjusting all day long? That's what we had here.



Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft. Ruffley shirt: Ann Taylor Loft. Pants: Ann Taylor Loft. Scarf: India Store. Shoes: Thrifted.



So the original idea here was this outfit from Bri over at 49 Dresses. I just saw that cool scarf over the ruffley shirt, topped with the long cardigan, and loved it! I was bummed that I don't have any more interesting scarves like she wore, but I wanted to try with what I had. So I put this together . . . yeah. All day I was fiddling with the scarf. When I was taking the pictures, I took it off and, while I love that scarf, was relieved to see the outfit without it. Still, I look at these and wish my shirt had been untucked, and maybe the whole top had been belted? And while I love these shoes and was excited to wear them all day, the color of the socks with them, and both with the pants, well, it's all just plain distracting.

So this is a blog post of repentance. Thank goodness for outfits that teach me something.

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  1. I actually love this outfit and the way the colors all work together. The only improvement may have been an un-tucked shirt, but if you're not happy with it I'd happily buy it from you and wear it everyday! (Well, maybe not everyday as I'd probably start to smell and get bored with it.)