Tuesday, March 29, 2011

(Not) Fake Plastic Trees

Hey guys! I just found out about possibly the coolest thing to happen to my blog yet - it's going to get a tree planted for it! Bah! Ixpo is planting trees for blogs and websites to counteract the carbon generated by hits to those sites, isn't that so great? Here's how you, too, can join in:

1. Add a button to your header/footer/sidebar (as you can see over on the left of my blog now)
2. Write a blog post about it. (Example: this one you're reading right now. Whoa.)
3. Email them to tell them about it.

That's it!

You even get to choose from a few options for the button that works best for you. Neat, eh? I'm psyched. I guess they email you when they plant your tree, so I'll be sure to let all you out there in blog-land know when that happens. It'll be a proud moment for me, I tell ya.

Want more information? Go here.


  1. So cool! I'll have to link it to my blog soon (as in when I'm not working on a paper for class). Also, have you ever considered having adds on your blog that you can earn money from, depending on the traffic of your blog? I was looking at the info on that the other day, but wanted to know if someone I know has ever done/considered it. What do you think?

  2. I'll probably keep the same flower, but different sizes with color variation. If I do a series of pieces eventually, I might make each one be a different style flower, but I also have to keep in mind how difficult each style is to make.

    And sadly, no, I won't be in town. First time I'll be missing Encore since about 8th grade. I wish I had the gas money to come home. :(

    You should let me know if you're home at all this summer though. I want to get coffee with your something!

  3. Thanks, I was thinking it probably wouldn't work unless I get plenty of traffic. And I don't think 3 people counts as traffic :)

  4. Haha, you don't have to steal mine! Plus they probably won't fit you since I have giant feet. Well, not giant for my height, but giant compared to normal. Just find a Rack Room Shoes near you. I have a hunch they'll have the same shoes on clearance as they do here. :)