Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Hope You Had the Time of Your Life

I figured it out! I got pictures to work on here! WOO HOO! Three cheers (at least) for helpful people on the internet who let you know how to do the cool things you want to do.  You all are great folks, thanks for the help!

Okay so, here's the 30 of 30 FINALLY:



Yes, these pictures could've used a bit of cropping, but by the time I got them onto flikr and up on here, (which won't be so difficult any other time, I'm sure) I was not ready to start all over to have them more attractively sized. Sorry.



Blazer: Ann Taylor Loft. Dress: Alex Evenings. Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft. Tights: Target. Flats: Chinese Laundry.


So this last outfit was great, for me. I was extremely glad to get to wear my cream dress again - it actually made it into the challenge a lot! I was thrilled about that. Again, prior to the challenge, I had not worn it since my wedding day. And I've officially decided that it's too cool a piece, and obviously too appropriate for everyday work wear, not to wear it ever.

This outfit was also more comfortable than you can possibly believe. I think it needs a belt, looking back, but I do like the way it came out. Funny story about these tights: I bought them before Christmas, but hadn't worn them for literally months because I kept worrying that they would be really cheap-feeling and thin and hang loose on me or whatever. But I pulled them out so my 30 could go out with some color, and I kept thinking that day, "Man, these DO feel loose! Target tights, ugh. So cheap." Until I got home, and saw the wrapper-thing that I had thrown out that morning. I noticed the size was like, 1/2. I didn't think it was measured in numbered sizes, so I was confused . . . until I looked at the sizing chart and realized I was wearing tights for a XL or XXL lady!! Bahahaha, that completely cracked me up! Honestly, I'm amazed they didn't bunch up around my ankles, and the resulting feeling, of extra-large tights, is overwhelmingly comfortable. Apparently four sizes up is like wearing the sweatpants of tights. It was honestly pretty great.

Okay, so here's an update from my real, current life. Last night I went to a place nearby called Sips and Strokes. You show up with wine (or your beverage of choice) and follow directions and an example given by an instructor, using provided materials, and you create a painting that you get to take home! Here's my finished product:



I'm honestly pretty excited about it! I have some things I wish I had done differently, but I think I will actually put it up in my home, so that's pretty great. Also, it was a really fun night!


  1. Love your painting! And happy birthday, by the way!

  2. Hey! Well, to satisfy your curiosity, I'm about 5'6". Although a lot of times I might seem a little taller than that as a result of shoes. :)


  3. ANNA! That painting is so gorgeous! I need one to seven of them if you find yourself with some spare time. And what a neat concept for a place! Let's go when I visit you, k?


  4. girl, that painting is incredible!!! it's beautiful! have you done a lot of art? and that is hilarious about your tights -- i'll have to remember to buy baggy ones for my lazy days in the future ... :)