Monday, March 28, 2011

Short Skirt

It has recently come to my attention that many of the people who view my blog, as well as several of those I follow, are mormon. I am not mormon.

There's no problem with that, of course, but when I realized this fact I wondered why it was so - I think it has to do with modesty. I tend to dress modestly, especially in the wintertime, as my blog so far would attest. BUT. The pictures in this post may just get me kicked out of that ring of folks!



Shirt: Anthro. Belt: Husband's. Skirt: Hand-me-down from friend. Shoes: Call it Spring via Zappos.


For me, propriety is not dictated by hard and fast rules of any kind. (Yes, there's a point below which I will not allow my necklines to go; and yes, there is a definite point above which my hemline cannot rise. Never ever no way.) But really, I think that it has much more to do with time, place, and company. I wore this outfit to an afternoon cookout with some female friends, partially because I was so excited to receive this skirt from a friend (I love it!) and partially to celebrate the gorgeous sunny weather we were having. I think that was appropriate. Would I wear this to teach? No way. Would I wear this to a bar? Not a chance. That's modesty for me.

Also, do you like my little side bun there? I was loving it. I have never gotten one to work well, but for that I:
1. twisted hair, starting at temple on right side, curving back along hairline to left ear.
2. pull all twisted hair into ponytail holder.
3. curl a lot. (My hair was already curled from the day before, so I skipped this.)
4. pin up in a loose, messy bun-thing.

Edit: When I posted this, I wanted to include the tutorial that showed me how to do this. I couldn't find it, but thanks to pinterest, I saw it again! Go here for better instructions, and in-process pictures. Plus, check out how cute the model is:

Have a good day, all!


  1. 1. i love hearing people's reasons for how they dress. thanks for sharing.
    2. in order to add buttons to your side bar go to your dashboard, click design. click on add a gadget and scroll through your options until you see html/javascript. simply cut and paste the code.
    3. i grew up in kansas city. MISSOURI. one of my brother's got his doctorate at KU and he is the black sheep of the family. though i will admit i do like lawrence, as much as it pains me.

  2. i'm drooling over this whole ensemble. really. and i'm always a fan of the side bun, you can't go wrong. i'm so excited that my hair is finally long enough to bring it back. while i want everything from these photos, really, i just really want to shoes. love love love. also, you need to message me your address on facebook or something.

    the end.

  3. p.s. thanks for the mention in your earlier post. made my day! :) :) :)

  4. Can I just say that my hair doesn't do that? Haha. Well, maybe with your awesome instructions it would succeed in looking like that. But have you ever known someone who's hair just goes up in a perfect messy bun without any hassle whatsoever? I am jealous of those people. :)

    Also, thank you for that wonderful tacky vest image. I see those all the time in Goodwill, as well as the ones with alphabets and teacher's apples and cats and dogs embroidered all over...they remind me of old math teachers. Haha.

  5. Oh! And also, I see so many Mormon fashion blogs too! Maybe Mormons just know how to dress well...? Better than the rest of us? Haha. As for the skirt, it's cute. I just can't ever, ever wear anything that short because I'm too far off the ground. You on the other hand, are an appropriate height to do so. :)