Thursday, March 3, 2011

We All Get a Little Bit Weird Sometimes

Last night, I got to chat with my hubby. For around thirty minutes! WHOA! I was amazed. And mostly relieved. Prior to that chat, I hadn't been able to get in contact with him for probably 48 hours. And before that, just for moments at a time. But last night we had a really really great talk, (basically im-ing. His computer's current internet capabilities haven't been supporting skype or other actual voice conversation) just about the time that I was about to break down in frustration and whatnot.

Oh no, no breakdown necessary. And today, I got a little text to my phone from him. I can't respond, I can't call him; the best I can do is email and hope he gets it sometime. But I am amazed at how even just little snatches of contact really carry me through. Tonight, I don't plan to stay up until all hours waiting to see if he gets online, I'm okay with waiting until tomorrow night or the weekend. And I'm pumped about it.   : P

A note to my fantastic friends on here: many of you have called me lately. And I know that allll of you are extremely busy, and are making a special effort to keep me taken care of with all the contact. And I just want to let you know that it kind of works the same way with you as described above. Every call is worth so much to me, and makes my life many many times more delightful, and I really appreciate it. Plus, I just think you're neat and like to chat! All my love to you guys.

So how about an outfit post, eh? I'm a ways from done with the 30 for 30, after all. Here goes.

Somehow I got this long tucked-in ponytail with a teeny cute part on top.  Ponytail Plus, I think I'll call it.

Button-up: RL childswear via Plato's Closet. Long-sleeve: Ann Taylor Loft. Belt: NY&Co. Chinos: NY&Co. Socks: Hanes.

Please keep in mind that this was an outfit intended for receiving furniture delivery, hanging pictures, and basically lots of elbow grease in cleaning EVERYthing. I would never wear this in front of students or to church or anything, but I felt pretty put-together given the itinerary.

I have to say, I had a LOT of complaints about my 30 items, even by the time I was posting them. But one thing I have been very pleased with all along the way was the amount of casual items I had to work with. I always could always find a pair of jeans and a comfy shirt on Saturdays or lazy days. Thank goodness!


  1. I honestly contemplated putting something in that blog post like "if you don't recognize the title of this post we're not really friends" but decided I shouldn't, because I do love some people who weren't 10 when we were. But your comment was just TOO perfect.
    : P