Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

So my birthday was 10 days ago, but I'm just now getting to the pictures of what I got for myself. I know I've admitted my ATLoft addiction on here, and have been trying to quit slowly, but I had a $15 birthday gift coupon thing (from them! Woo hoo!) and so I decided to take myself down there and use it, as a gift to myself. WELL. Let's just say I was not expecting this little number that I purchased. Here, look:




Dress: Ann Taylor Loft. Flats: TJ Maxx.


Here's why I was very surprised: sure, Loft knows how to fit me. The petites are clearly based on exactly my measurements. But their dresses are usually tight on my hips and make me look about 3 months along, while leaving lots of gaping room up top. (You know what I mean.) But this one is great! It fits nicely, with enough room for easy wear. And look at all that ruffle! I'm amazed. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but the skirt has gold thread to it, which is really fun. (It's also very wrinkled. Sorry, these were taken after lots of church-sitting.)

One negative: This was such a lazy outfit. I mean, I could have added a belt, or some color, but no. You can see the blazer I wore over it for church (blending in with my chair in the background there) and the gold shoes and the gold bracelet and earring . . . wow. Are you impressed yet? I promise not to lean so heavily on the wonders of this piece in the future. Thanks for being there for me, support group!

Random note: Can I just say that I'm really sorry to the folks who may read here who have gotten snow lately? That's just madness, say I. It has stayed truly fabulous (between 40s and 60s, some days in the 70s or above, and very sunny!) here for over a week now! I have been loving it and not posting about it. I know it's kind of cruel for me to point it out now, especially for those not getting this loveliness, but I figured I'm just taking it for granted if I don't even mention it. So there, I love you, weather! Please stay with me a long, long time.

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  1. LOVE that dress. No shame for wearing it un-accessorized. Some pieces can stand alone. :)