Saturday, March 5, 2011

On My Own

If you know the piece of musical theatre majesty from which my post title borrows its name, you know that it's a very dramatic, sad but strong piece of music. It's all about, 'without him the streets are bare and everywhere the world is full of strangers, etc.'

This post is not like that. But without my him, I don't realize things like the fact that this flower was too much. At least, there. Without the necklace? In the hair? Pinned onto the sweater further in and off the collar? All probably viable options. So anyway, I see that now and I'm sorry if you have to cover it on your screen in every picture because you can't stand how too-much it is. I hope you don't get a smudge on your computer that way.

Sweater: NY&Co. Cable sweater: Ann Taylor Loft. Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft. Boots: Ralph Lauren via DSW.

I love this sweater. And this challenge really made me realize how much. I bought this sweater from a wonderful, fashionable friend a few years back, as she had purchased it and planned to return it. I bought it for its original price, and now could not be happier what that decision. (Nikki - if you want to keep picking out clothes for me, buying them and making me buy them off of you, I would be fine with that.)

Also, what do you think of this skirt? I like its versatility, though I didn't really get that much use out of it during the challenge. I think that's because when I walk, it tends to sort of gather between my legs in front - like in the first picture - especially when I'm wearing tights. This gets annoying, plus it tends to ride up just a bit when I do that. Does anyone else experience this with certain skirts? Anyone with any suggestions, please let me know.

: P

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  1. Hi! I read your comment on my blog and I'm here to respond! :) First off, I am absolutely not a stick. If I'm a stick, you're as much of a stick as I am, so I doubt there will be any issues with fitting into any of the items I have listed in my store. But here's my measurements--bust 34 waist 29 hip 37. They might not be perfectly accurate but they shouldn't be off by more than an inch, unless I really stink at measuring. :) If you want to let me know which items you're looking at, I can tell you if any of them are actually small or large on me, because I think the size tags can be a little hard to judge with. But most of the clothes on there fit me, which means they're pretty much fit like a size medium. Hope that helps!