Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Learn

This blog and the 30x30 have taught me a few identifiable things so far -- I added that belt that one time, I belted a scarf, I found my natural waist -- but this post shows the big chance I've taken. A remix that I would never never have tried if I were not participating in all this. I'm so proud of this outfit! Not really because it's particularly attractive (though I thought it looked okay, and was definitely comfy) but because it expanded my limits, and my wardrobe. Okay, enough talking. Time for showing.
I did my hair! Be proud.

The husband didn't want this belt anymore - my new favorite!

Do you see what did? Do ya do ya do ya do ya? (Other than not-quite get that hamper out of the shot. Whoops.) I am not wearing a skirt -- it's my white dress! As a skirt! WHOA! Big deal for me. Look some more.

Jacket: Target. Scarf: $10 store in some airport. Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft. Belt: husband's. Dress: Alex Evenings (via Etsy). Boots: Ralph Lauren.

Oh, and that little headband made my day. Thanks for putting it on sale for $8 or something, Loft. Love ya.

Oh, my. So we purchased our house from a Blackhawk pilot who also was a fabulous amateur painter - he did this piece for his son's room. So, yes, we do have a massive helicopter mural on our office wall. And yes, the walls are that dark. Ridiculous.

Dress backstory: I purchased this dress on Etsy in the vintage section because the seller thought it looked 'vintage-style'. It's not vintage. So shame on her for selling it there, shame on my for enabling her, but I LOVE this dress. I bought the dress for cheap to wear as my getaway dress after my wedding, and it was really great for that! I love the fit and look, but probably wouldn't have worn it again if it weren't for this challenge. So here I am wearing it again, and trying a dress-as-skirt for the first time in my life - I'm very proud. My wardrobe has been extended! Woo hoo!

Below is evidence of my dog's favorite type of interaction: leaning. She can never stand close enough to people, so she props her feet away from us and leans. This has knocked me over before.


  1. Hi! Great outfit; I keep seeing people in lace skirts (or in your case, a dress) and I'm so jealous. I love the look! I'm keeping my eyes open for one at Goodwill. I'm also really jealous of your Blackhawk mural. Actually, jealous isn't quite the right word... It's pretty impressive though!

  2. I love that you turned your dress into a skirt-look. I also love that you also take belts from your husband (I admit to socks as well).

  3. i love that dress/skirt. :) and you're are very pretty. good luck with your house decorating!!