Thursday, February 24, 2011

Take a Look at Me Now

Man, I love the blouse in this post. Look:

Wow, a weird face. But a clear shot of the upper half. Upon reflection, I think that I could've used a lighter bottom piece. (Not that I don't love these pants, I do. I completely adore them.)

Cue lighting . . .

Cardigan: New York & Co. Dress: Ann Taylor Loft. Pants: Ann Taylor Loft. Booties: Payless.

Surprise: it's no blouse! It's a tucked-in dress! WOW! So I don't know that this outfit is really incredible or groundbreaking or anything, but it is definitely comfortable and colorful . . . and makes use of a dress that I would otherwise only wear on Sundays! Yay 30 for 30, forcing me to wear my things in different ways! I think the great beauty of this challenge is that it gives us our own closets back.

I, for one, appreciate that.

Note: I love the song that inspired this post title. You may think, 'which version?' but the answer is that I love Mariah's interpretation, the Phil Collins original, as well as the most recent Postal Service imagining. I think it says so much for a single song if it can be reinterpreted by many very different musical groups and always be interesting and beautiful. That means it's well-written, I think.

Second note: The traveling soldier that I love has arrived at his fob now. Yesterday, actually, and I got to talk to him earlier today! It only took a week. Also, that means I have lived through a week of deployment, and I am DANG proud!


  1. Does it make me sound stalkerish to say that you crossed my mind earlier today? I thought that you should be hearing from your husband soon so it neat to read your post today. I'm glad that you heard from him.

    One week down. Don't think about how many you have left, it doesn't help. Hopefully you guys can talk on a regular basis; steady communication makes it a little more tolerable. I'll continue to think safe thoughts for him and his unit.

    And I'm impressed that you wore a dress as a shirt! I've seen other people do that but I don't think I could tuck any of my dresses into pants. I could probably layer them under a skirt though... I might have to try that!

  2. Wow! Does not look like a dress at all. Looks like a perfect blouse, actually. Gorgeous print!

  3. Brava! that dress looks fantastic as a top!

  4. I was super confused at first when I was reading the caption because I thought you'd mistakenly typed "dress" instead of "top"! You had me fooled =] Such a pretty print!

    P.S. The sleeves are RIDICULOUSLY tight. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that has that problem with the cardigan haha