Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lazy Day Afternoon

Not today. Or yesterday, Blazer day. But Monday, that day was a lazy day around these here parts, and I thought I'd share:

The hubby and I lay in bed until almost noon, pretending we were still sort of alseep. (We are SO good at that.) The dog even got in on it; she would get up and see if anyone else was stirring, then realize we were pretend-sleeping and nestle back down in her blankets and stuff. We totally planned to get to the gym asap, but when we realized it was snowing really hard, we called the gym and discovered . . . it was closing right then! No-gym day! Woo hoo!

Silly picture time!
When we did get up, we brushed our teeth and all, but no one put on clothing made of other-than-sweats material. Yeah, classy. Then my wonderful man made the tastiest, fluffiest waffles we've ever shared. Mmmmmm. Want to see?
Thanks, Ann Lewis and fam, for our waffle-maker! And Mom and Dad for the mixer!
Also, I (obviously) auto-focused this, and I swear it looked focused at the time. Sorry.

There they are in all their glory. That is what I'm TALKING about!
The waffles got a healthy dose of syrup, butter, and some parts got apricot preserves on them. Dee-lish! Then we headed up to the comfy couches to watch Robin Hood - the new one, with Russell Crowe. And then I worked on a puzzle. (1,000 pieces - almost finished!) Yeah, it was basically The Perfect Snow Day, a wonderful memory for all involved.

I hope you all are enjoying/have enjoyed yours!


  1. Waffle lovers UNITE!

    I grew up loving waffles, but my dad does not. The Uni. I went to had "make it yourself" waffles for breakfast and I swear I ate one every morning my freshmen year. It was only logical that I added a pro waffle maker to our registry when we got married (its one of my favorite gifts still).

  2. Oh my gosh this seriously sounds like the perfect day. I'm so dang jealous. Also, your waffles are all fluffy golden and mine always turn out flat and brown. Just thought you should know my waffles are jealous of your waffles too.
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  3. I LOVE WAFFLES. My dad was actually the one who always made ours, 100% from scratch. They were so delicious that my siblings and I always had him make them for our birthday breakfasts. Our waffle maker was also a registry gift, and I am SO glad we have it.

    These are perfect, fluffy and golden, but I swear we just mix up some Shur-Fine (generic) brand mix and water and whatever and take em' out when the waffle maker beeps. And my husband's magic touch.
    : P