Sunday, February 6, 2011

Highway to the DANGER ZONE!

Oh, hello there! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything since Thursday . . . my parents came in for the weekend (okay, only for about 36 hours, but I still had to clean beforehand.) and so I haven't really had any time to update. I'll try not to let it happen again. Much. (Good bloggers give warning when they'll be unable to post. Good bloggers plan this stuff in advance. Sorry I failed to do either. Bad blogger, bad!)

My next outfit is my personal number eleven, and I was pretty excited about it! Or just about the cool setting for these pictures, not sure which, really. This is the awesome AH-64D,  aka the Apache helicopter. Sorry I'm blocking all the pictures of it. My bad.

Scarf: Someplace in England. Sweater: Gap. Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft. Silver shoes: Flexibles. (?? Cheap from some spa boutique.)

Aaaaaand now the detail shots. Look at my shiny shoes!

You're right, the last one didn't even contain an article of clothing. You're right, you're right; I know you're right. (It's the rocket pod, though. How cool does THAT sound?)


  1. Um, hello! Why didn't I think of having my chopper flown in for photo day?!? That rocket pod is amazing! I'm so jealous. :)

  2. Yeah, it was there purely for my convenience. : P
    (Kidding. I was very lucky that my hubby could get me in to see it. And willing to take pictures of me on the big thing!)

  3. Ha ha. It took me a while to find the rocket pad, I was to entranced by the shoes! They are kind of amazing.