Friday, February 11, 2011

Lucky Number Thirteen

I am feeling overwhelmed.

Phew, I am glad I got that off my chest. I am currently trying to create a plan for decorating my living room and kitchen and upstairs-tv-room-area. Now, most people do this as a process over time, (and I will, too, actually) but there's sort of a push to get all these rooms to be suitable spaces for entertaining before the hubby leaves for Afghanistan (in less than a week now. Yikes!), or at least to know what we need for it all before he leaves. They don't have to be perfected, just decent. So we can both feel comfortable with me having people over without having to say, "Hey, ignore that none of this furniture looks good together and that the wall color is really all wrong. Close your eyes and imagine that it's all well-decorated. No peeking - until you leave." But the thing is, I have no idea how to go about this. I want a similar color scheme throughout the house, or at least throughout these common areas, so they feel cohesive, but I have NO IDEA how to do that. And the stuff I have is giving me no clues.

Those of you who have done this, how do you choose your colors? How do you put things together? Similar design styles? Colors? I am totally at a loss. (That's a lot to ask, readers. Don't feel like you have to answer that.)

Okay, I feel ready for an outfit post now. Venting time over.

There's my outfit! Oh, you can only see the top half?
How about now? Oh, no better? Hm.

Okay, this is just plain ridiculous.

Flower: Anthropologie. Sweater: Calvin Klein. Button-up: New York & Co. Pants: Ann Taylor Loft. Shoes: Bandolino, via DSW.

(Mystery solved: the pants are brown.)

 Note: usually my post titles are song-inspired, and I like to only choose songs I know and like. While there are songs named/including "lucky number thirteen", I don't know any of them. This is just my thirteenth outfit - boring. Sorry.


  1. Well, you might want to talk to Katie Adams-Moore about painting, as she seems to be the expert. I have this rule about apartment living: no paint unless you'll be there awhile. So all my walls are white.

    As far as decorating, though, take a good look at what you have. See what goes together already. Then supplement with art and plants.

    All of my stuff, unplanned by me, happened to be blue and yellow. So I went with it. I bought accent pillows at Target. A huge painting at goodwill. Flowers, periodically.

    Also, magazines like House Beautiful really help me a lot when thinking about color! You should check that one out if you haven't already. :)

  2. Hi Pineapple! Great to meet you :) I think this outfit is simply beautiful. I totally need a rose hairpin and soft cream sweater!

  3. Everything is overwhelming the week before a deployment, that much I know.

    As for painting, I'd give you advice but I don't think it would do any good! I picked out awesome colors before we painted current house and we went ahead and painted but I've spent the last four years realizing that I actually like white walls (and slowly repainting). I like to use color in my decorations and hate to be limited to what matches my wall color.

    All the furniture and decorations we have have been acquired over time, mainly from Goodwill and other thrift/antique stores and from family. I know you want it all figured out before he goes (been there, done that) but you may end up regretting it in the long run. That's usually how it is for me and I've come to the conclusion that my house is never going to be finished as a result; it'll always be a work in progress.

  4. Your cardigan is gorgeous, especially paired with the striped shirt. And the rose in your hair is so cute!