Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Show Must Go On

Hey there, Lazy McLazypants here, just stalling through my 30 for 30 . . . I began this challenge WELL before the official start date, which, I think, lulled me into a sense of mistaken complacency. Now, on my 16th outfit, I'm behind many people! I would like to get this over with, and with that goal in mind, I am going to try to post everyday. This shouldn't be too hard, right? I mean, I have lots of outfits that are already photographed and ready to be blogged about, I just need to hurry up and paste 'em up on here. So now I've told you my ambitious goal, please nag me into getting it done.

Oh yeah, here is an outfit.

I'm hoping you find this look to be intentionally disheveled and purposeful . . . rather than exhausted after a day in front of jerk students.

"Wait, what am I wearing, again?"

Cardigan: New York and Co. via Nikki! Button-up: Polo (male) childswear via Plato's Closet. Belt: New York & Co. Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft. Boots: Payless.        


Note: Non-waist belt, waisted into submission.

Cable tights and argyle socks! (Pulled up to show pattern. I did NOT wear them like this, I swear.)

I would just like to speak for a moment about the inequalities of quality clothing. These little booties here were purchased during an odd (for me) fit of "I want to look older"-ness during my junior year of high school. As that purchase was over seven years ago, these are one of my favorite and most long-standing (hah!) pairs of shoes. I own few (if any? maybe sandals) that have been in my possession longer, and am amazed at how they've held up. Sure, the toe is scuffed, but I have 4-month-old boots that probably cost more by an entire order of magnitude with a bigger scuff problem.

And my biggest complaint with a shoe of any price range is when it's uncomfortable. When shirts or pants are uncomfortable, they suck and don't get worn as much, but it doesn't hinder you from walking around! And cheap shoes (in my opinion) tend to be much worse offenders than expensive ones in the comfort area. Not these, though! They are perfectly comfortable for spending a day on my feet, yelling (read: trying not to yell) at band kids.

So the issue is, how could I have known these would work out so well? I couldn't. Which makes them a very fortunate counter-example to my semi-new rule: no Payless. I've basically given up on getting shoes at such cheap places, as gems like these are few and far between, but I don't know what the better option is. I don't always have the money to just buy as nice of shoes as I can find (and when that doesn't lead me to a really comfy, long-lasting shoe, I am very extra-PISSED!), but I also don't have the time to take hours shopping for shoes, with probably-neccessary extended try-ons and much picking through rack upon rack of dreck.

So, few readers that I do have, (and the even fewer who are still reading this ranty treatise) how do you find great shoes? If you go into a store, how do you tell from just a moment or two of trying-on whether they will be comfortable for all-day use? I need some methods and suggestions.


  1. Jerk students? I certainly don't know what you're talking about. Mine are perfect all of the time. Or not. What grades do you sub for? If it's high school, we can trade war stories...

    As for shoes, it's total trial and error for me, unfortunately. I don't think I do anything special. I buy most of mine from Ross or Marshalls and supplement with pairs I order from (I'm cheap, obviously). Buying online is a challenge but for a good deal it's sometimes worth it. I try to find reviews for the shoes on Zappos so I know how other people thought the shoe fit. Also, if I can try on the shoes I know I'm usually safe if they feel similar to ones I already own. I know which parts of my feet tend to get sore/blisters and make sure the shoes aren't going to aggravate that.

  2. First, I LOVE that shirt/sweater combo. Great colors!

    As far as shoes, I'm loyal to specific brands. Aside from these really great boots I got at Target, pretty much all I wear are Steve Madden ballet flats. They fit well and they're comfortable, and they only run about $40 a pair, which is a decent price for shoes I wear almost every day.

    Blowfish shoes are also really high on the comfort/fit scale, but only very few of their styles make my feet look right.

    So yeah. My advice? Find what works and don't branch out much. Borrr-ing!

  3. i'm still trying to figure out about great shoes, but i will say this: those puppies that you're sporting here are phenomenal. i love them, and i adore this entire ensemble. and, yes, i find it perfectly intentionally disheveled and purposeful. :) (haha...that made me laugh.) love the plaid here.
    -brittney (fellow remixer)

  4. i love this outfit anna! super cute, and i want it. :)