Sunday, February 27, 2011

Do the Time Warp

Okay, so as you folks may be aware, I post my pictures well after I wear the outfits in them. This isn't all that obvious since none of you see me in real life, but today's picture is going to be obvious. I can't remember when it was taken, but it was the last time it snowed. VERY snowy picture. I got up that morning, put on a semi-warm 30x30 outfit, added some legwarmers and my heaviest-duty snow boots, and stepped out as little as I could to be considered outside. Josh stood just inside our door and took pictures out the back. I didn't take the time to check how the pictures were looking because we were so eager to get back in, so I didn't realize that I look all plumpy and bunchy. Please excuse/ignore. But here it is, my 20 of 30.

Snow falling thick and fast, wind blowing my hair everywhere, temperature completely freezing me . . . yes, these really are the best we got.

Um, goof troop?

Jacket: H&M. Stripey shirt: H&M. Belt: Husband's (but now mine!) Jeans: Old Navy. Boots Salamon. Legwarmers: Thrifted.

Notice my husband getting distracted . . .

Yup. Completely lost him. (This is Sasha running along with a neighbor dog.)

Anyway, I just have to make a note about (read: plug for) these boots I'm wearing here. I got them on a trip to Colorado this Christmas, and while I don't like to talk about things I don't really know about, (what am I saying? I do that all the time!) I would like to highly recommend them. I tried on maybe two dozen shoes while in Estes - my hubby wanted to do lots of hiking, and I knew my cute Ralph Lauren boots weren't going to cut it. So after trying on tons of shoes, these were the most comfortable (by FAR), least unattractive (I don't find any hiking boots to be in any way cute. But these are not so offensive!), and very easy to put on (elastic string so you just pull on the toggle and secure, then one velcro strap. Easy peasy!). I did plenty of hiking on that trip, and I never slipped. In fact, the hubs just decided to wear his combat boots, but quickly discovered that they were running out of traction. Several times, I actually had to steady him because I always had sure footing! These are great, and their waterproof-ness is no joke - no moisture ever even began to seep through, and even when snow got above the top, the seal around my ankle was nice and snug and didn't let anything down. Anyway, I completely recommend them, if you're looking.

That's it! Now let's all be glad, at least, that it doesn't look like these pictures outside. Unless you live in the midwest, and it does. Then let's all just feel sorry for you.   : P


  1. Hi! You asked me about breaded chicken on my blog, so I thought I should drop by to respond. :P I have a tiny secret...I didn't realize it sounded like such a gourmet meal, but I actually didn't make the chicken from scratch. It was frozen, and this was a quick I-have-no-time meal. And I just topped the hot spaghetti sauce with cheese and then threw on the sliced chicken right out of the oven, so that it would melt nicely between the two. I used sliced harvati cheese because it's my favorite, and because we had no shredded cheese in the house.

    BUT...if you want a better, made from scratch recipe, I use all the time to find good recipes. And this one looks really good.

    You should let me know how it turns out if you make it! :)


  2. Hello again. :)

    Oh good, I'm glad I didn't disappoint. Well, if you want the easy version, just go buy your favorite pasta, spaghetti sauce in a jar, frozen breaded chicken, and cheese. That pretty much does it. Add some chopped up olives if you want to get even more fake fancy.

    Haha, you don't need me to help you thrift shop! A lot of my friends say that, but I realize they actually just need me there to be motivated to look. It's really a matter of just looking meticulously through racks of old lady sweaters to find the cute stuff that's actually in there somewhere. Beyond being willing to look through some really strange items of clothing, it's kind of just luck. :)