Saturday, February 26, 2011

Double the pleasure, double the fun . . .

This post is about gum!

No, not really. It's actually a double-post because I forgot to post yesterday. (And by "forgot" I mean that I left the house by 6:30, got home and immediately went grocery shopping, got home and immediately baked cookies (from store-bought dough) and fed the dog, immediately went over to the company commander's wife's house for a big dinner with all the wives and folks, got home around 10 and immediately fell asleep.) Kind of like forgot.

Jacket: H&M. Dress: Alex Evenings via Etsy. Belt: Ann Taylor Loft. Shoes: Bandolino via DSW.

This outfit did not photograph all that well, which is why I only have 3 photos to show you. I was really excited for the outfit when I thought it up, but I wasn't that thrilled when I had it on. I think it's because the dress usually feels too formal for me to wear in normal circumstances, and this outfit does nothing to dress it down. I do love each of the pieces a whole lot, though! I also think the jacket needs a belt, but I didn't like the belt on the outside this time. Weird.

Necklace: Sears. Also wore it for my wedding.   : P

Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft. Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft. Khakis: American Eagle. Shoes: Can't tell or remember.  : P

Again, only three pictures. And I'm posing with food because I had just made this spinach dip before a party when we took these pictures, and we were trying to make it out the door. Please ignore the dumb faces I'm making, we were in a rush and didn't have time to take pictures where I don't look like a total weirdo.

Enjoy your weekends!

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