Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beautiful Letdown

When I began my 30, I picked the pieces, and hung almost everything together in about eight outfits. (The ones that have already been posted.) Things that didn't get hung, (jeans, a couple plain shirts, aka leftovers) became my last outfits, and the outfit below is one that resulted. Read: there is nothing interesting about the clothes. Cop-out, I know, but I had to wear something on my day at home, and I sure as heck wasn't going to pick out new outfits for the next week.

Also, these pictures were taken after an FRG event to brief us families on what it's going to be like for the soldiers on their base over there. I think we got home around 9, and I decided to take some pictures "really quick" before bed. That always takes twice as long, unfortunately. Sorry about the quality, folks.

Detail shot.
These shoes are purple with a semi-pink stripe.

Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans: American Eagle
Scarf: Target
Belt: Husband's (Hah! I finally got to steal something of his!)
Purple Shoes: Kiss Me via DSW

This is face was made at my husband because he kept distracting me and making me take awful pictures.  That goofball!
Okay, confession time. At this FRG event, a woman I know complimented me on my belted scarf. "I've just never seen anything like that!" She said. (My favorite kind of compliment.) And I took it. I just thanked her, told her I had been inspired by her recent use of a waist belt, (which I actually was, I just would never have gotten this brilliant idea simply from her outfit) and acted like I made up the very idea of a belted scarf myself. Sorry, fashion blog community, I know I got the idea from many of you. I'm sorry I didn't admit it.

Also, I see (especially with the pictures) how way-too-long this scarf is for this technique. Ideally I think it should have come down to around my hips. Not near-knees! Goofy. Anyway, you live (and photograph and post and blog) and you learn. I'm pretty proud of the tied belt, though. I felt almost like a nerd or an orchid.

If you would like to leave any disparaging comments about how I tried to fix a lame outfit with a scarf, belt and colored shoes, or how dark the pictures are, or just your general what-have-you, feel free.
(Except that messy nightstand.That's the husband's, not mine.)

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