Sunday, January 30, 2011

[No More] 3 X 5's

Does anyone remember that John Mayer song, 3X5? It's about how, instead of making sure to catch the most important, most beautiful, most memorable moments of life in pictures, he's going to try to live it. Catch it with "both my eyes". On Outward Bound, (an adventure I went on once, probably one of the coolest trips of my life) I realized that, too often, I try to document and save all the coolest stuff in pictures or what have you - for posterity, friends and family, my own memory, etc. - instead of just enjoying the moments in which they come to me. If others want to see these things, they can come along next time.

No? No one else memorized Room for Squares out of sheer repetition? Well, I had a lot of time on my hands that summer, so I remember it all. I thought of that song because the pictures for this post's outfit are not great. Like a sandwich - that you packed in a lunch bag with a soda but the lid was accidentally off and the sandwich was not in a baggie - might be "not great" to eat. (No, this has not happened to me. But wouldn't that be awful? Blech.) But I really did like this outfit! It was warm enough, comfortable, and it worked perfectly well for my day subbing. Here it is, the poorly-photographed outfit:

White Button-Up: Ann Taylor Loft
Green jacket: H&M (circa 2006)
Scuba pencil skirt: Ann Taylor Loft
Gold flats: TJ Maxx

Yep, them's some pretty awful pictures. And those were the best ones - yeesh. But, as my dear friend John put it, "you should have seen that sunrise with your own eyes; it brought me back to life".

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