Friday, January 28, 2011

1. Did anyone know you can put sweet potatoes in a stew? Well, at least, I did yesterday. It is in the crock pot now, and I'll let you know tomorrow whether it's delicious or weird.
2. I recently ordered a bookcase, two armchairs, a rug, and a coffee table and I am thrilled to announce that they will all be arriving well before I ever expected! Well, not the rug, it's on backorder. But it was all supposed to be, but everything else gets here next week! Eeee!
3. There's a big thrift shop in town that I've never seen before! So far, I had only seen Plato's Closet and another, similar place. I thought I would be stuck picking through16-year-olds' castoffs for thrifting, so now I'm just crossing my fingers that it's really good stuff.
4. Our dog can have an inordinate amount of completely abominable gas. She's officially a pollutant.
5. Apache helicopters make great settings for outfit pictures. Want to see? Stick around, I'll show you.
6. I have fewer than 3 weeks until my husband deploys. Weak.
Whew, that's a big day for me. What have you learned today?

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