Friday, January 21, 2011


I have been reading Kendi Everyday since sometime this fall, and through that blog, I have found a community of other people who take pictures of their outfits and post them online most days of the week. (Clearly there's more to these blogs than that, but I'm oversimplifying intentionally.) During the time that I have kept up with these, I have grown an urge, of which I've just recently become conscious, to do the same.

So when Kendi announced the other day that there would be another 30 for 30, I apparently read it as 'this train is leaving RIGHT NOW HURRYGETYOUR30!!' The unfortunate thing was that she said when it would begin . . . February 1st. Whoops. When I read that post, I picked out all 30 (which doesn't count shoes for me . . . I don't know how it could) and put together outfits and began wearing and photographing them. I guess I was excited? Haha.

As I already have my clothes together and picked out, I am going to keep wearing and photographing my outfits daily. I will try to space out outfit posts, though, so I won't finish mine when others are only just beginning. (That's part of the fun of it!)

Anyway, I had my most fun shoot today. We were on the army post where the hubby works, and took pictures on/by a camo FLA (Field Litter Ambulance -- first aid truck) and came up with some cool pictures. Anyway, those are for later. For now, here are some silly pictures from the past.

I got to climb around in an Apache! Don't I look like a natural? (I didn't think so, either.)

We left the camera WAY too zoomed in, but ended up with one of my favorite couple pictures. LOOK at those blue eyes! *swoon*

Have a lovely day, all!

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  1. Hoorah for the Kendi challenge! I never participate as I generally hate photos of myself, but I feel like I probably never like more than 30 items of my clothing at a time, so I'm really always living the 30 x 30.