Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stuck Inside of [the house] with the [outdoor] Blues Again

If you don't get the Bob Dylan reference in the title, that's probably because it's somewhat highly edited. The outfit I'm putting up today was worn on a day when I couldn't get outside, which really makes me crazy. Also, I wore this outfit in the evening only, to the movies. Yes, people outside my home saw me wear it, but no, I didn't put it on before lunch. (Lazy morning, went to the gym, did some cleaning, FINALLY put on real clothes and went out.) It really made me crazy to have this cute outfit to wear, but nowhere to really go with it. Does this bother anyone else?

Anyway, it was the fourth outfit in my remix sequence. (Why did I start so early??? I can't wait for February first so others will join me!)

Note to self: the couch may be the only presentable part of the house, but is too patterned/busy for a picture background. Solution? Clean other parts of the house.

Scarf: H&M
Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft
Cords: Ann Taylor Loft
Pink flats: DE Boutique via DSW

Is there a good reason for this picture? Not really. I was just pretty happy with how that bun worked out.

As evidenced by the final picture, I was not quite sure about this outfit. Lavender scarf with pinky-purple sweater with pink shoes? Is it all too much, or just an extra-pinky (and okay) outfit? I couldn't decide. But I do know I love the ruffly shirt - it's like getting a free toy with your clothing. What fun! Please leave any criticisms on this outfit in comment form. I'm curious what this looks like to other eyes, how others might do this differently, etc.

If you are a highly astute reader, you may notice that the above outfit is comprised completely of Loft goods. The scarf even looks like Loft ware, it's just not. I have a confession about how that came to be. When I entered college, I somehow noticed that all my favorite pieces of clothing were patterned. And usually bright. "Oh, I can wear this with any plain-colored thing! A neutral or a coordinating color, whatever!" I thought. But then I realized that I had no white shirts. Or plain shirts of any kind. Or plain skirts, or nice pants -- just jeans. So I began investing in such pieces, and once I found Loft, it was so easy! The things they put out looked just how I wanted to - classy and girly and tailored. And their sales are so frequent and so great (it's been probably a year since I purchased anything from them that wasn't at least 40% off) that I became addicted. I think probably over half of my 30 pieces in this challenge are Loft, specifically Loft petites. (I swear someone from that department has my measurements, and is stalking me to see what clothing I need. And I love that person.) 

The problem is that the majority of my clothes now come from one store. How fun is that? And how much am I doing to choose pieces or 'style' them? Essentially none, they have already done that for me. This is very lame, I have decided. So I guess that's one of my style-blog goals: to try to learn from others how I might use pieces of clothing together; how they choose them from all the looks available out there, and to start doing some of that on my own. Here goes nothing!

P.S. Trisha, you're right. Freaking-big size pictures it is!


  1. bring on the big pics for sure. i love a good bun too, go girl! ;)

  2. I love your outfit. It's definitely not too much. More is more. I understand that Loft works well for you, with the petite's section and the fact that all their clothes look good together. If you want to add some variety, I would start with accessories. You won't have to worry about fit so much. Try vintage or thrifted accessories. They are affordable and more or less one-offs. Start with looking for vintage scarfs and leather belts. When you feel more comfortable, you can branch out to vintage skirt, shoes, etc. Hope this helps.

  3. LOVE this outfit. Definitely not too much pink. And don't worry too much about having lots of pieces from the same store--half of my wardrobe is from J.Crew, but it's basic enough that it remixes nicely. The trick for me is trying unexpected color combinations.