Thursday, January 20, 2011

All by Myself

Today, school got shortened to a half-day, so I was done by 11 a.m. Thus, I got home in plenty of time to take pictures of my second outfit in the remix. Unfortunately, no one was here to take my picture. Except Sasha (our Doberman), and she's actually not that handy with the SLR.

So I had to experiment with taking my own picture with this big, clunky camera. Let's see what adventures ensued . . .

Shoes first, they're easy. These are my absolute favorite pair. And back in the good old days of college, when I lived near wonderful people with excellent shoe taste and similarly-sized feet, these were easily the most-oft-borrowed from my closet. Anyway, when I stepped onto the front stoop to photograph these, it began to snow. So I took a picture in the yard:

Pretty! Here are my most successful outfit pictures. (Note the classic extended-arm-with-camera shot.)

My lack of light made this difficult, as did my lack of tripod or photographer. Next on my wish list: a real tripod. My dog is a way better model than I am. Look:

This was Sasha's favorite from today, so I had to put it in. Awwwwww.

Also, I left the house this morning JUST in time to get to school in time, so I arrived with wet hair straight from the shower. That's when I pulled my put-up-my-hair-with-a-pen trick. There are a lot of things I would change about my tresses, but I am always very glad that it knows how to do this one thing.

Green Plaid shirt: Ralph Lauren KIDSWEAR via Ditto. As you can see from the buttons, it's for a boy. Hah!
Black sweater: New York and Company
Khakis: American Eagle
Shoes: Chinese Laundry


  1. Thanks for posting to Everybody, Everywear. The green and black is a nice change from all the blues.
    I hear you on the lack of decent camera and tripod. Makes things so difficult. If only your dog had some photography skills!

    The Auspicious Life

  2. haha, first I needed tripod, then I got it, now I need a remote for the camera and better lighting conditions. :))
    Just look for unusual spot to put your camera on. It might be just it! I even tried hanging it on coat rack once.