Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Please, Mr. Postman

Dear mail-carrier for my area,

I don't feel like our relationship needs to be this complex. There are a few rules I think we can live by: you bring my mail every day except Sunday, and I will take it out. When I need for you to take mail out of my mailbox and send it to other places, I will put the flag up. That flag is for you, friend. (I mean, it's literally a red flag. You should be able to pick up on that kind of hint.) Sometimes you just leave what I've put out; maybe you want to take it later? And sometimes you just take some of what is there. Nope, it's all for you. Go ahead and clean 'er out.

Also, the door. I know it doesn't take advanced technology to get into that silly box, and anyone could take anything anytime. But still, it would just make me feel better if you would close it before you leave. Whether it is empty or full, just go ahead and close that door on up. Especially if it is raining and forecast to snow 2-4 inches.

Can we live with this? Please let me know if you need more from me. Is my return address stamp difficult to read at times? Are my address-number stickers peeling off the box? Just let me know. Because we can't go on like this.

Hopefully yours,

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